Diaper rash, wonderful Po, thrush

In the lexicon of homeopathy you can find many complaints a detailed description of the homeopathic treatment. Flushing through just about the most common terms and procure you an impression.

Algemeines to diaper rash, wonderful Po, thrush

The Po your baby is very sensitive and particularly susceptible to inflammation. So irritating substances from the environment or from breast milk (such as spices), an allergy to plastic diapers or a mild immune deficiency can easily damage the delicate skin. The warm, humid environment of the diaper provides fungi (thrush) and bacteria the perfect breeding ground. the skin is inflamed, it becomes reddish, scaly, wets, blisters and pustules. It may also be that it begins to bleed. To prevent inflammation or to provide relief to the sore bottom your baby, you can as often as we lie about possible bare abdomen and let -krabbeln your child. The fresh air will do your child good untenrum. You should also pay attention to often change the diapers.

Read our guide baby care why the Po your baby is sore and what you can do about it.

If the rash your baby is very strong and it spreads, you should definitely consult a doctor or medical practitioner!

Homeopathy for diaper rash, wonderful Po, thrush

For external treatment you can wash three times a day the rash with a diluted Calendula tincture. To give 10 drops tincture boiled in 0.2 l of warm water. Calendula is also available as an ointment or powder.

The following table includes the most common symptoms of sore baby's bottom and shows you which homeopathic remedies in these cases is recommended. but as a wonderful baby's bottom may also occur in combination with many other symptoms, it contains only the most common. Information about other symptoms and how they can be treated with homeopathic remedies, you can find compact practical guide "Homeopathy for Children" by Sven Sommer.



Topmittel: crimson, inflamed Po
Your baby is restless and very irritated
It will be worn
Often with greenish diarrhea
Often in teeth
Chamomilla D12 * (every 1-2 hours (in acute cases, max. 1 day), with improvement every 3-6 hours)
On crimson skin, small blisters aqueous form, they burst and crust over, itch and sting
swollen lymph glands
Clematis D6 * (every 1-2 hours (in acute cases, max. 1 day), with improvement every 3-6 hours)
Your baby is restless and uneasy, it is in no position rest
Red, swollen rash with blisters that may itch severely and drench
Rhus D12 * (every 1-2 hours (in acute cases, max. 1 day), with improvement every 3-6 hours)
By Canridainfektion (thrush)
Wound, with white pads (first in the mouth)
Borax D6 * (3x daily)
Skin is weeping, crusty, purulent pustules, bleeding, as raw
Bad body and breath, excessive salivation
Mercurius Solubilis D12 * (3x daily)

* D describes the Potenzierungsart of the agent. D (decimal) is a dilution of 1:10

More information about common problems in infants and young children you can find in the article "Homeopathy for Your Toddler".

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