Do I need a referral to a gynecologist?

The best comes first: for a visit to the gynecologist You need no referral from the family doctor. From the Transfer Control 2016 gynecologists and ophthalmologists are excluded. You can just make an appointment and go to the deadline for the investigation. For urgent complaints You can also go to the gynecologist without an appointment. However, you must then expect a longer waiting period.

special cases

Many complaints, no visit of the specialist physician is necessary. Do you go with unclear complaints first to the family doctor, then, the family doctor, a gynecologist transfer on suspicion of gynecological disease from. Do you go with unclear symptoms first as a specialist, then you stielst the specialist precious time when no disease is present, which falls in the field of gynecology. Then the gynecologist will issue a referral to another doctor. A woman physician referral is not necessary especially for checkups, for example, at the annual cancer check.

I need a woman doctor referral during pregnancy?

Are you pregnant, then it comes down to who determines the pregnancy. If the pregnancy was discovered by a general practitioner, then it will issue a gynecologist referral for you. Make sure you specify the pregnancy itself, and then you can no gynecologist referral to make an appointment for counseling and care during pregnancy the gynecologist.

Free choice of gynecologist

You can freely choose your gynecologist. There is no obligation to seek a specific gynecologist. A general practitioner may issue a recommendation only for a particular woman doctor with transfer, which he knows that this particular medical devices has for any necessary investigations. You can select a gynecologist after the personal discretion, which is close to your residence or report positive experiences from friends or acquaintances.


With complaints in the abdomen, for emergencies and during pregnancy You need no woman doctor referral. If you previously vereinbarst an appointment, you can save you long waits and you do not bring practice management messed up.

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