Drinks my baby enough with breastfeeding?

Many mothers worry that their baby is not drinking enough during breastfeeding and could not be satisfied. In most cases, this concern is unfounded. Here we provide you a few clear signs you show that your child is getting enough milk and is full.

The body produces a "surplus of milk"

A newborn has within 24 hours from about 10 to 14 times thirst. Normally, your breasts produce enough milk to get your baby sick. Because milk production works on the principle demand and supply. Nature also provides additional before and so up to 20 percent more milk is produced usually as "demands" Your baby. So there is no need to worry. Your baby can get enough of your chest and happy drinking! Under no circumstances should you give your child extra milk food. This disturbs the balance between your milk production and demand of the baby.

AnzeigeSo it works with breastfeeding

book breastfeedingMake it work with breastfeeding, we recommend you to Still guidebook "BREAST: Sensitive support through all stages of lactation". The book answers the most common questions you and gives tips and suggestions on breastfeeding and your baby.

Whether your baby is actually drinking enough You acknowledge the following features:

  • It performs well and is alive and well.
  • It drinks in the first two to three weeks every two or three hours.
  • It has a healthy skin tone and firm skin.
  • It makes six or more diapers in 24 hours wet.
  • It takes 100 to 200 gram per week.

drinking breast empty

So that your baby is really sick, you should make sure that your baby per breastfeeding drinking a chest definitely "empty". Your baby created only briefly, it drinks from the full breast only slightly to suck and is not as nutritious the initial milk. His get hungry quicker again and it gets used to the simple slight suction, without exerting himself. However, this can fool the chest. She believes the baby need less food than is actually the case and then produce less milk than before. So you take enough time to breastfeed. The decisive factor is not the frequent creation, but the duration of breastfeeding. Make also sure to change the initial breast at every feed. Because usually your baby always drinks only enough to empty a breast completely. If you change regularly, both breasts can continue to properly nachproduzieren milk.

Is your child sick?

When the larynx your baby no longer makes swallowing movements, it might be enough. At best you are testing it as follows: Put two fingers above your areola to the breast and press gently. Do you feel a slight rhythmic movement, then drinks Your baby yet. Otherwise, it enjoys only your near and sucking a little on the chest. That may be nice for mom and baby. But you should leave a little caution anyway. For long sucking can really test your nipples and lead to pain. Your baby is sucking so for a while, or it is even asleep, it's time your baby gently to break away from the chest.

Drink Your baby is not enough because it falls asleep?

Some babies find it so comfortable to mums breast that they fall asleep while breastfeeding before they have drunk enough. They are often then not progressed beyond the initial milk and have little, really satisfying, milk drinking. Where, in this issue you one, so you can find in our article "The most common breastfeeding problems" some good midwives tips that you did not make your child comfortable and can ensure that your baby is drinking enough.

Still times and proper application and removal of the breast

In our articles "How often you should breastfeed?", "How long does a breastfeeding?", "Creating a right and remove it from the breast" and "4 popular breastfeeding positions" You get many more tips to make it work well with breastfeeding. To view more information about breastfeeding also offers you our special "silent".

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