Ear hole ignited: That you can do

If the ear hole is inflamed and painful, the pleasure can be lost quickly to the new earrings. However, this need not be. Because there are some home remedies and countermeasures that can help with inflammation of the ear lobe. These are also useful when it comes out all about prevention.

exclude allergies

A common cause of an inflamed ear hole are allergies, with which the body reacts to certain components of the ear plug. If you suspect this as a reason for you to leave clarify allergies by a test with a doctor. Nickel, for example, is an important trigger.

use health plug

After stabbing or shooting of pierced ears You get basically health plug for yourself or your child. This is to studs in a medical supplies which will prevent ignition of the still quite fresh ear hole. These should be worn over the entire recommended period of time. Even the regular rotation is important so that the hole formed upon annealing good.

Remove plug in inflammation

If a really outgoing hasty ear hole is inflamed, you should definitely take out the previously supported plug. However, it may be possible to continue to carry the Health Connector. Question this it is best your doctor for advice.

use camomile against inflammation

Chamomile is a home remedy that is applied to mild inflammation. You can buy tinctures with chamomile, you aufträgst regularly on the ear hole in the pharmacy, for example. Also strong chamomile tea can help. That this takes place safely after boiling for at least ten minutes.

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