Elementary School: How to find the right one?

to find the right primary school for your child yours, is not so simple. When the last kindergarten year is upon us, it's time to make you think about a suitable primary school and to inform you. We have compiled for you arguments that can help you in choosing the right primary school.

When searching for an elementary school child for your You are spoiled for choice. Because usually there is not only a primary school nearby, but several. Surely you also get well-intentioned advice and tips from friends, acquaintances or relatives. But that can confuse sometimes even more. Gladly you want to make your child the best conditions for school life. As schools seem to outstrip with particular emphasis of universal primary school easily. Nevertheless, we can be "around the corner" for a child your the right choice and the primary school.

What do elementary school?

Before you let influence you by the opinions of others, think for themselves which claims you let the elementary school your child. It is important that you set priorities, as likely not be meet all your wishes.

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Criteria for the selection of the primary school

  • physical proximity
  • School choice of friends and playmates
  • School type (public elementary school, school or private model school, such as Waldorfschule)
  • Care time (half-day or full day Schule)
  • Denomination / religion
  • educational concept
  • Offers and priorities

NoteQuestion: Your child also that primary school he likes, but not leave the decision to him alone. Meet at best a preliminary selection, you then're discussing with child your.

Free choice of primary school? Watch out!

Freedom of choice of primary school is dependent on the State. In principle, every public school has a certain catchment area. Your child thus normally is assigned in his district a place in a primary school. You can also opt for another school but you. There are two choices:

  • Decide you like for a Elementary school in another district, apply in the federal states have different rules. So you have to make a guest request school in Bavaria, a decision on the subject to the reasons and the available capacities. In other states, such as North Rhine-Westphalia, one was transferred to a school choice. If your final choice in a school that is very popular, it may be, however, that the school board does not accept all children.
  • If your decision on a free primary school, such as a Montessori school that given area boundaries are overridden, because these schools, there are only a few locations. Usually this is enough a message to the respective free primary school or local education authority that your child should start school there. But even here there may be a risk that your child will be rejected due to lack of space.

tip: Inform yourself in good time in your town through the usual there regulations and laws. Often, the Office of Education also offers a list of the schools in the area.

using information of the primary school

Besides experiences of other parents, you will receive more information on the primary schools in your area, for example through the school website or brochures, which are laid out in the school itself or in the City Office. however, it is best you make your opinions even an impression of the school. Many schools offer at an "open day" that opportunity. So you can just take a quick look, look at the classrooms and chat with the teachers with child your.

opt for a primary school

Although the decision for the right reason school should be well thought out, do not forget to also listen to your gut feeling. So sometimes can be the best first choice. It is important that your child and you feel comfortable with the choice of primary school. Then it is a good start to school life are no more obstacles.

Registration at the elementary school

Have you decided on a particular elementary school, you can enroll for your child. Dates for the application you can find out, for example, through public notices and newspaper articles or invitations that are sent to the parents, who live in the school district. Which deadlines are available in the federal states to sign and how it expires, you can find out in our article "Sign in school."

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