Examination by a gynecologist despite Period: yes or no?

You wonder whether, despite period you should go to the gynecologist? Whether you completely shun this situation better, or were supposed to go in exceptional cases, bleeding to the doctor or to the doctor this wiki.

What are the pros?

Especially with particularly well-known and reputable doctors who are often fully booked, it lends itself to an appointment despite periodic perceive to increasing waiting time for a new date to avoid. Further falls gynecologist the investigation during the period usually easier because the cervix is ​​more geöfnet during your day.

What speaks against it?

To the investigation the gynecologist during the period, the fact that the blood as it were blocking the view and the doctor can not see anything in doubt. Also, the feeling that blood leaking in advance cause cramps, so be counterproductive. The cramps that many women experience every month, also contribute to the discomfort.

If your days are only used on the day of the examination, you should do not worry. In most cases, the period falls on the first day very easily from so you have to you do not worry about accidents. If you feel you but too unwell should listen to your feelings and move the date.

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