Examination by a gynecologist: So she runs

Many women shudder before the first examination the gynecologist. Here it is not so bad. Do not present the typical course of a gynecological examination.

As the investigation proceeds to the gynecologist?


Perhaps you ask a physician assistant, first, to provide a urine sample in a cup. The urine is tested with a test strip on signs of disease out. Then you have been called for a preliminary discussion in a separate room. There, you interviewed the gynecologist about the reason of your visit and discuss problems or wishes with you. Then you will be asked in the actual treatment rooms. If your gynecologist is a man, a physician assistant will be present also in the investigation.

The actual investigation

In a cabin you can free up the abdomen. You can then sit down and put your feet on the supports on the gynecological chair. The backrest moves down slightly. The doctor can now first take a brief look at the external genitalia to determine redness or other abnormalities. Then he scans the lower abdomen. Subsequently, the investigation of the vagina and the cervix from the inside using a speculum follows. Speculum the vaginal wall is slightly apart, so your doctor can view this resource better. Now the doctor nor does a smear, which is later analyzed in the laboratory - the so-called Pap test for cervical cancer. For this he scrapes a few cells from the cervical canal. Do not worry, it does not hurt! Finally, your doctor will still cautious keys with your fingers for lumps or other tissue changes. If you are already over 50 years old, then the doctor scans additionally from the rectum. Optional is an ultrasound. In this, the doctor performs an ultrasound probe into the vagina and then examined the uterus and the ovaries on the monitor.

Palpation of the breast

You can now sign in below around to pick up again, exposing for the upper body. Your doctor scans the breasts off to find any node and shows you how you can do this yourself at home.

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