Fall hemorrhage: Causes and Treatment

A fall of bleeding may occur in women during pregnancy. When you should go to the doctor and what does the bleeding, we will tell you here.

In a fall hemorrhage is a sudden, severe bleeding in the vaginal area. If you are pregnant and suddenly bleeding from the vagina, this is a serious warning sign. Pregnant women should consult with such bleeding as soon as possible her doctor and have to clarify, are behind the reasons. A termination of pregnancy, however, the fall of circulation does not necessarily mean. In the course of pregnancy no conclusions can be drawn by these symptoms. Therefore, it is important to let carry out the necessary investigations. In addition to vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain occur frequently, the different causes may have. Sudden bleeding must not only occur during pregnancy, but also can not affect pregnant women. Possible diseases are fibroids in the uterus or polyps. By hormone therapy or curettage, the bleeding can be treated. If the bleeding of longer, medical advice is necessary to avoid a blood anemia.

Fall bleeding in early pregnancy

If you find yourself only in the first weeks of pregnancy, vaginal bleeding may possibly indicate a miscarriage. In the early stage of pregnancy occurs while a natural termination, which can be triggered by negative developments. The miscarriage does often by heavy bleeding, cramping, vomiting and abdominal pain felt. A full expulsion no medical intervention is required. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor who can confirm the abortion through an ultrasound. The fabric is not completely discharged, must be helped with hormone pill. Helps this measure is not, a short Krankenhausaufhalt with curettage may be necessary. Even if a miscarriage is a painful experience for the woman, she has but in most cases a biological cause. Faulty chromosomes and problems in the development of the embryo do not survive the egg, which is why it is rejected by the body. Positive can be said, however, that a new pregnancy after miscarriage usually there is no impediment.

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