Fatigue in pregnancy

Often lasting fatigue is one of the first signals of a pregnancy. Also, 54 percent of surveyed 3,500 mothers often had to contend with. Do you have tips and tricks, what you can do against excessive fatigue.

Why many in pregnancy suffer from fatigue?

Your pregnancy is accompanied by fatigue? This is normal because the body works by the growing in you baby under completely new conditions, even if there is hardly anything is outwardly visible. Your body is now producing much progesterone. This hormone lowers blood pressure, slows digestion and can cause nausea. In addition, the bone marrow makes more blood, so your heart has to pump stronger. So the body has to deliver maximum performance and needs correspondingly more rest. In the middle part of pregnancy, the fatigue sets usually slightly before increasing again towards the end. But what you can do if you have a particularly struggling with fatigue?

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1. Tip: Kick up your breaks

, Kick up your calm some rest when your body demands it. Everyone will understand that you have a greater need for rest and relaxation during pregnancy. You can try to incorporate a nap in your everyday life, or even go to bed earlier in the evening. But be careful, because too much sleep can also be counterproductive. Better, and to bring his circulation going.

2. Tip: Place the circulation going

So you start fresh in the day, it is best to stimulate the circulation shortly after getting up. Contrast showers with hot and warm water stimulates blood circulation and bring your circulation going. If you then still abbraust your calves with cold water, the fatigue is determined disappeared in the morning.

3. Tip: arm baths in between

In between, you can do arm baths lukewarm to perk up again. But you fill a washbasin up to two thirds with lukewarm water and still give a tablespoon of lemon juice. Immerse your forearms a few minutes in the water and then rubbel vigorously dry with a towel.

4. Tip: Proper nutrition

A balanced diet is now particularly important. many small, light meals throughout the day to eat try and do without lavish dishes. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables supply your body with vitamins. Even your fluid balance changes in pregnancy. Plenty of water and herbal teas keep yourself fit and alert. Griffin, however, better not to caffeinated beverages as alleged stimulant. Find out in our article "What should and should drink pregnant" more about the drinking habits during pregnancy.

5. Tip: Lots of oxygen

try to spend as much time outdoors, because your body now needs more oxygen. Plane small breaks in the fresh air in your daily schedule. , Breakfast on the balcony, lunch break in the park and an evening stroll help you in spite of fatigue, to remain efficient and alert.

6. Tip: Exercise is good

Sport also counteracts fatigue. are best suited for this light sports such as swimming, walking or yoga. You should not impoverish yourself, but only get the circulation going. Can you lay your exercise program outside? Great, then you get an extra dose of oxygen at the same time!

Top 10 complaints in pregnancy

  • fatigue
  • heartburn
  • back pain
  • mood swings
  • sleep disorders
  • nausea
  • swollen limbs
  • hot flashes
  • leg cramps
  • constipation

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