Ferber method

"Ferbern" 5-minute cry method, Ferber method, or: The names for the famous Sleeping tutorial are manifold. Here you can find out what is behind it and what advantages and disadvantages it brings.

Emergence of the Ferber Method

The Ferber- or 5-minute cry method goes back to the American sleep researcher Dr. From whose name also the common names have like "ferbern" derived Richard Ferber. developed mid-80s Dr. Ferber a treatment plan that can learn to falling and staying asleep for the children.

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Thus, the Ferber method works

Conditions for applying the Ferber method is a minimum age of the child and that the child is healthy. After carrying out a bedtime ritual, the child is awake placed in his crib and left alone. In most cases, the child begins to scream. The plan provides that the parents let the child cry first five minutes before they go to him and comfort him. However, the child should not be taken up out of bed. After a maximum of two minutes, the parents leave the room. The child cries more, the parents go only after another ten minutes to him to calm it. So the distances increase to a maximum of 30 minutes. The procedure is repeated until the child is asleep. Usually, it only takes a few days until the success is possible and the child sleeps through alone on and off.

The aim of the Ferber Method

The application of the Ferber method lends itself primarily to change unfavorable Einschlafgewohnheiten in children. If the child falls asleep, for example, only when it is carried around, it has learned to bring this with each other. It has thus become accustomed to sleep in this way. When it wakes up at night, it will probably also "demand" to be carried around to find back to sleep. The carrying around is thus a sleep aid, which is intended to wean the baby out with application of the Ferber method. This works in most cases without protest: the child cries. By keeping to the timetable it is to learn now that his parents are in favor it there, but it does not get the sleep aid, to which it has become accustomed.

Attenuated variant "Every child can learn to sleep"

The Ferber method has since been frequently modified, such as in the "Plan for sleep learning" that the child psychologist Annette Kast-Zahn and pediatrician Dr. Hartmut Morgenroth in her bestseller "Every child can learn to sleep" imagine. The time interval that is the crying child alone, here are much shorter.

Fast results with the Ferber method?

Proponents of sleep learning programs based on the Ferber method, repeatedly emphasize their effectiveness:

  • The baby sleeps after a few days alone and by and gets his restful sleep and daytime balanced.
  • Learning is at night to calm himself, without that it requires aid.
  • Parents get as fast as their necessary sleep.

Criticism of Ferber Method

However, the use of sleep learning programs such as the Ferber method also meets on a lot of criticism:

  • First of all, such a program relies on absolute consequence of the parents. Many find it difficult to let their child cry so long. This often means that they got to be the old-asleep the child to calm it. Thus, the child does not learn to wean the help, but that has to shout it only long enough to get them yet. Instead of improving the situation deterioration occurs.
  • Scream causes stress and stress can cause negative changes in the brain in babies. Critics do not rule out that the child could wear psychological damage it.
  • The basic need for closeness and security will be withheld from the baby and may result in a failure of the parent-child bond by itself.
  • If the sleep ritual of the baby disturbed by changes or diseases, it can lead to sleep disorders.

The method should be applied only so if the parents are completely safe and have a good feeling about it. Many experts believe sleep learning programs only as an emergency solution for desperate parents who really should be applied only in the extremes. Much more they advise, to teach children right from the beginning a positive relationship to sleep and thus lay the foundation for a healthy sleep pattern. In our "10 Tips: To learn to sleep Your baby" we explain a few important milestones on this route.

Gentler sleep learning programs as alternatives

In recent years, as well as numerous Originated "softer" for the child alternatives. ( "Learning sleeping - Gentle way for your child") The two approaches of the authors Elizabeth Pantley ( "sleeping place shouting") and Petra Kunze and Helmut Keudel we ask you in our special "So learn to sleep Your baby" precisely before.

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