Fertility and sperm quality

What happens in the context of reproductive actually in the body of the partner? Here we give information on the sperm production to ejaculation. We also reveal the factors that diminish male fertility. For prerequisite for a natural pregnancy is a combination of male and female reproductive processes.

So sperm are produced

Sperm are produced in the serpentine channels of the testes and spend the first period of its development, that is about three months. a constant temperature of 35 ° C is crucial for this development and maturation. For this reason, the scrotum shrinks at low temperatures and expands when hot. Saunas or hot bathing can destroy the sperm already produced, but have no influence on the further production. Finally, the sperm enter the epididymis, where their final maturation takes place and where they are finally mounted. Sperm are now able to fertilize a female egg.

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This happens during orgasm

By the muscular contractions during an orgasm, the sperm come from the epididymis through the vas deferens into the urethra and eventually leave the body. The man has for a long time no ejaculation, the sperm are taken down in the body or it comes to uncontrolled disposal seeds, also known as "wet dream".

So does this affect sex more often on the fertility of

Although reduced by frequent sex, the amount and concentration of sperm, the number of defective sperm, of which there are always some in the ejaculate is reduced at the same time. Since they are severely limited in their Beweungsfähigkeit because of their deformity, they do not reach the egg. The chances of fertilization therefore increase with the frequency of sexual intercourse. More important than the amount of sperm is in fact their mobility and quality.

Too little, deformed or immovable sperm

However, the sperm make up only about 5% of the seminal fluid. The rest of the seminal fluid produced by the prostate and seminal vesicles called and serves for better movement of the sperm. Normally, the ejaculate is whitish-milky to gray, and a yellowish color may occur. It has a volume of about two to six milliliters and includes in a healthy man at least 20 million sperm. Deformed and immobile sperm is completely normal. Exceeds their share certain limits, fertility is limited. Other indications of infertility resulting from the examination of the color, smell, the pH value of the seminal fluid and from the appearance, the mobility and vitality of sperm. Using a semen analysis can be determined whether the sperm deviate from normal values.

Common causes of reduced sperm quality

About 50 percent of all causes of infertility are due to the man. Unlike the false myths that cell phones, laptops or longer Cycling affect male fertility, it is proved that the fertilizing capacity of sperm decreases especially when the partner smokes. By nicotine itself sperm count and sperm motility decrease. The more cigarettes smoked, the higher the failure rate of sperm. Hear the man in smoking, increase the chances of a baby by about 30 percent.

In addition, wearing too tight underwear and very long car rides with adjusted seats should be avoided. These factors may in fact lead to an overheating of the testicles and thus also affect sperm quality.

More serious causes of male infertility (as undescended testicles, Globozoospermie, infections, genetic diseases and more) can be found in our article "Common causes of male infertility." There we have more information be diagnosed as other causes and treated together.

strengthen fertility and sperm quality

External influences, such as stress, a very irregular and unhealthy diet or as mentioned above, smoking can reduce sperm quality. In contrast, a diet rich in vitamins contributes to the fertility is strengthened. Particularly natural foods, such as vegetables, fruits, dairy and whole grains provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Preserves, finished products and greater amounts of alcohol, however, should be avoided. In addition, exercise and enough sleep is important. Each person reacts differently to stress and certain circumstances. Relaxation techniques and conscious work breaks can help to cope with this stress better. First is the ability to enjoy and delight should be alive. A happy partnership and pleasurable sex have a strong influence on fertility.

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