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You wish for a child and ask yourself, what days you're most fertile? With the NetMoms fertility calendar for you to determine the light.

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Information on Fertility Calendar

An egg can only within a very short period of time, be fertilized in about 24 hours after ovulation. However, since sperm can survive for several days in the female body, one speaks usually of about 7 days fertile time. This begins four days before ovulation, including the day of ovulation itself and ends two days after ovulation.

Our fertility calendar is exactly this period of 7 days. Since there is only one ovulation in each cycle, and reaches usually only one egg in the fallopian tube. In about 1-2% of cases, however, it happens that two eggs are released during ovulation. At fertilization both oocytes it comes to the creation of dizygotic twins.

Danger: This fertility calendar only calculates mean values ​​and is therefore suitable for preventing under any circumstances. The cycle, the production of hormones and thus also oocyte maturation and ovulation itself are influenced by many different factors. The fertility calendar can remotely determine the fertile period and therefore does not constitute a warranty.

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