freeze coconut milk: That you have to know

It's coconut milk left over and you wonder whether you can freeze the coconut milk? Do you explain how you can make the best and what you have observed.

Coconut milk: healthy and delicious

Coconut milk is a very healthy food. It contains many important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Especially the many vitamins of group B, and the copper contained, which stimulates brain function, are very valuable. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut milk can be digested much faster than cow's milk. Even with a lactose intolerance coconut milk can be consumed without any problems.

Coconut milk freeze: How it works!

Coconut milk there are now directly buy canned in many supermarkets. The cans are quite large, they usually hold 400 milliliters. Smaller amounts are found in well-stocked markets. In many recipes, however, one needs only a little coconut milk. So often much left of a purchased box. Refrigerate the remaining coconut milk keeps in the can about two days.

A good alternative is the freezing of coconut milk. A proven idea is to freeze the coconut milk in ice cube tray. It can, if it is frozen, transfer it to a freezer bag or freezer box and stored so to save space. If necessary, the cubes can be removed individually and the coconut milk is thawed within 30 minutes. For cooking, it can also be added directly in a frozen state. Thus, spectrum can be used for many dishes, a can of coconut milk.

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