From when up Christmas decorations?

If the supermarkets vacate Christmas cookies on the shelves in August, many people are confused. But at what point is Christmas at home really okay?

First of all: When will Christmas is set up at home and hung up, is your own decision. The four walls are there for their own design and who wants to cuddle all year in candlelight and Christmas balls, to do this quietly.

But from when Christmas is generally brought out, can be narrow much narrower: Common (usually the last Sunday in November) is the first Advent started with the decoration. These include the following elements:

  • the Advent
  • The Advent Calendar (like even tinkered)
  • Advent arrangements that spread Tannenduft
  • Lights inside and outside
  • exterior decoration

Some people also begin already in early November so, bring out Christmas decorative elements such as lights. If the end of October the clocks change and it is pitch dark in the afternoon already at five o'clock, bring as lights on the balcony railing or a decorated tree with fairy lights in the front yard a little brightness in the far too long winter evenings.

Trade also knows from when arrives Christmas with customers: Here the starting signal also been early to mid November when the autumn decoration with pumpkins and Thanksgiving floral arrangements or the creepy Halloween decoration is cleared.

When does Christmas - when will the Christmas tree?

Traditionally, the Germans are rather late with the Christmas tree off: Make the Christmas tree until 1-2 days before Christmas, or even until the morning of 24 December. When does Christmas "okay", but everyone should decide for themselves. Are over Christmas guests there, it's less stressful to set up the tree a few days early so that you have already done this work.

Also, the tree spread then already festive atmosphere. Because traditionally the Christmas period will end on January 6 with the Feast of the Three Kings and the tree will only be canceled. But for most people the Christmas spirit fades as early as New Year's Eve. Make sure you the tree a few days before Christmas, have you more pleasure from it than after Christmas.

For Christmas then the rest of Christmas a traditional nativity scene is added, for example, under the tree. Important: The figure of Jesuskindchens is placed in the manger until Christmas Eve! Christmas plate with sweets and pastries you should own interests only stand at Christmas: the sweet temptations are sooner at hand, the more is nibbled it!

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