Frostbite: Symptoms and Treatment

Frostbite occur in cold weather especially on exposed parts of your body and make unpleasantly by swelling and itching.

When frostbite or Perniones how the medical name of this condition is, is not frostbite. Although the name suggests it: frostbite do not occur only at temperatures below zero on. Even in spring or autumn, it is possible to suffer from Perniones. Cool or cold and damp weather favors the development of this disease.

How do I recognize frostbite?

Chilblains show up in the form of dark red spots and soft thickening or swelling just below the skin surface. Here, an extreme itching starts from the affected skin areas generally. Perniones preferably occur at locations of your body that are particularly exposed to the weather. In addition to fingers and toes, as well as hand and Fußaußenflächen frostbite can affect your nose or earlobes.

Causes of disease

Perniones are always attributed to disorders of blood circulation in the tissue. Because of hypothermia, the arteries in the affected areas of the body constrict extreme, so that sufficient blood supply is no longer guaranteed.

So you react properly

If you are suffering from chilblains, helps waiting. The unpleasant swelling and redness disappear regularly after three weeks even if you have less patience, you ordered your doctor for treatment of frostbite the drug nifedipine from the group of calcium channel blockers. It causes a strong expansion of the arteries and an intense increase in blood flow.

Usually there is no need to worry if you are even affected by Perniones. However, this does not apply to persons who frequently suffer from frostbite that form again and again to the same skin. With them may at worst tissue shrinking and scarring. For this reason, you should do everything possible to improve your blood circulation as prophylaxis against frostbite. This includes appropriate dress is damp and cold weather as well as the abandonment of constricting tights and gloves. In addition, regular exercise and cold showers prove very helpful to boost your blood circulation term.

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