Girls Growth Table (2-19 years)

You want to know if your daughter develops its age and growth is the norm? We have compiled the growth charts of the World Health Organization for you. With them, you can compare the growth of your daughter with the other girls.

Controlling the growth at U-tests

In Germany, the growth of your child is checked at the regular U-examinations. The pediatrician measures the height and transmits the values ​​in the table in yellow U-Heft a. The individual values ​​result in a growth curve which is compared with certain standard curves, so-called percentiles. In the illustrated below standard curves you can find the compiled by the World Health Organization reference values ​​for the growth development of a girl for all age groups from 2 to 19 years.

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Growth forecast: How big is my girl?

Normally the growth of a girl runs until their age of 19 along a curve that is parallel to the middle curve, until up to the end of growth remains so. So the pediatrician can make approximate predictions how big the girl will become.

Growth Development girls (2-5 years)

Growth girls: 2 to 5 years

Growth development of girls (5-19 years)

Growth girls 5 to 19 years

How to read percentiles?

The curves in this diagram are standard curves for the growth of girls who are called percentiles. If you want to know whether the growth of your child is the normal growth of girls, and then you can verify that the growth curve of your child runs parallel to the middle curve roughly. This is the median for the growth of girls. If the growth of a girl extend exactly along this curve, that would mean that 50 percent of the same age girls are bigger and 50 percent smaller than or exactly as large as the girl in question. Accordingly, only three percent greater at the 97th percentile, and the remainder is less than or the same size. If the weight of your child in the 3rd percentile contrast, 97 percent of the other girls are bigger, only 3 percent are smaller than your child.

Disturbances in the growth of girls

The growth of a girl does not proceed normally if the growth curve is very far away from the middle curve or has a different shape, for example a sudden bends. More you can find in our article on the subject of growth disorders. It can happen, however, that the growth of a girl runs temporarily slower or faster than in other children. Such delays or growth spurts are normal and usually not a sign of a malfunction. but if in doubt you turn to your better to the pediatrician if you are unsure whether the growth of your child is the normal growth for girls.

Growth chart for girls

Age in years

Size in cm at the percentiles

3. P
15 P
50. P
85. P
97. P

2.0 79.6 82.4 85.7 89.1 91.8
3.0 87.9 91.1 95.1 99.0 102.2
4.0 94.6 98.3 102.7 107.2 110.8
5.0 100.5 104.5 109.4 114.4 118.4
6.0 105.5 109.8 115.1 120.4 124.8
7.0 110.5 115.1 120.8 126.5 131.1
8.0 115.7 120.5 126.6 132.6 137.5
9.0 121.0 126.2 132.5 138.8 144.0
10.0 126.6 132.0 138.6 145.3 150.7
11.0 132.5 138.1 145.0 151.9 157.5
12.0 138.4 144.1 151.2 158.3 164.1
13.0 143.3 149.2 156.4 163.6 169.4
14.0 146.7 152.6 159.8 167.0 172.8
15.0 148.7 154.5 161.7 168.8 174.6
16.0 149.8 155.5 162.5 169.6 175.3
17.0 150.3 155.9 162.9 169.8 175.4
18.0 150.6 156.2 163.1 169.9 175.5
19.0 150.9 156.4 163.2 169.9 175.5

Source: World Health Organization (2012)

Differences in growth between girls and boys

The growth of girls and the growth of boys varies widely in general. That's why there are different standard values ​​for both sexes. The growth of girls ends as earlier, around the age of 16, while boys can still continue to grow until the age of 19. Girls usually come earlier puberty and have the typical for this age growth spurt consequently earlier. Girls reach a body size that is on average about 10 to 20 centimeters below that of boys. How different the growth development, you can in our article "Kids Growth Chart" read.

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