Growth and weight your baby

In the first three months it is going very fast with the growth of your baby. His weight will increase, because per week it takes an average of 150 grams to.

In childbirth, the midwife, the weight of your child still controlled. After that, the pediatrician this will take at every screening appointment. It takes into account primarily the relationship between linear growth and weight gain. Each baby will be very irregular. It may be that it increases 80 grams in one week about 300 grams and the other week. Thus, the weight gain should average between 500-1000 grams and your baby grow by about three to four centimeters per month.

Size- and weight curves

From the measured data your baby, the doctor creates an individual's weight curve. For extreme deviations up or down probably errors are present in the diet. You should immediately ask for advice in this case your doctor.

A first overview gives you the NetMoms Size Weight curve for girls and for boys in the first year.

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Growth and weight in the first year of life

In our further articles you can you an overview of what your baby and you are allowed expect in terms of growth and weight:

  • Newborn: Why take it off after birth
  • 4-sixth Month: Your baby is growing more slowly
  • 7-ninth Month: Weight and size are individually
  • 10th 12th Month: weight fluctuations

Progress in other areas

Not only in the growth and the weight is transferred to your baby in the first three months. In our other amounts you can read what progress Your baby else does.

  • Move: The movements are controlled
  • nutrition: So your baby is sick
  • Communication: Your baby cries, squeals and gurgles
  • Sleep: The day-night Ryhtmus your baby
  • sense: Your baby experiencing new sensations

Further information

Book: Baby's First YearIf you want to know about the development of your baby even more, we recommend you the JV book "Baby's First Year" by the book authors Vivian Weigert and Dr. Franz Paky. Thank you to the Graefe and Dead Ringers Publisher for support.

"About the book

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