Handprint Baby: What color is okay?

A handprint of your baby is a nice memento for the future and a great gift for Grandma and Grandpa. Do you explain how it works and what color you can use to print.

The main thing colorful: colors for the hand print your baby

Safe are finger paints. If you do not have finger paints available, you can these also themselves from food coloring, mix some flour and water. If you absolutely want to use other colors, then make sure that they are the one hand, non-toxic and also water soluble. Of course, it is advisable to remove the ink as quickly as possible before it dries on the delicate baby skin.

So you make a handprint

For the imprint more feet than the hands actually offer themselves in babies. You touch the palm of your baby, you'll quickly discover that this clenches his fist because of the grasp reflex. Therefore, for a handprint you should bring a lot of patience. If you want to still try it, you can make an imprint of his fist or pat on the back of the hand your baby either - with a little luck, it then opens his hand and you can quickly make an impression. With small children, a palm print is not a problem.

Alternative: Salzteigabdruck

An impression with play dough has the advantage that you aufträgst the color on the salt dough instead of the hands or feet your baby. Thus You keep yourself and your baby may be facing a small color battle. In addition, a Salzteigabdruck is plastic and very inexpensive. For the play dough you need two cups of flour, one cup of salt and a three-quarter cup of water. Mix everything in a bowl, role of the salt dough and press the hand or foot your baby inside. Let the finished work at 150 degrees about three quarters of an hour in the oven. If the impression is cool, you can still paint him.

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