Have stations condoms?

The shops are closed and yet you want to buy condoms. Now you wonder whether gas stations have condoms? Here you can find out more.

In particular, when the shops have closed and a condom dispenser is not far and wide in sight, the practical buying condoms at the gas station offers. Also arises when buying condoms from Condom vending machines always the question of the durability of condoms. For a longer storage, extreme heat or cold can cause the material, which no longer guarantee reliable contraception despite correct application damage.

buy condoms at the gas station: Pros and Cons

The fast purchase of condoms at the gas station is handy. But you should keep in mind a few things: In the drugstore or pharmacy a much more extensive selection offered. You can choose which varies in size, shape, color and taste there from an assortment. Many, it is also far less embarrassed by the way refresh the condom inventory in everyday life along with deodorant and toothpaste than buying the contraceptive at the gas station.

Have stations condoms? - Yes, at the appropriate price

That products at the gas station are usually considerably more expensive than in the supermarket or discount store, is well known. The purchase of condoms is no exception. If you earn condoms at the gas station, you should you adjust to the fact that you expect rates that may be more expensive by half.

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