Head Flu: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Although the head flu is so, it is not actually a real flu. In fact, it is a brain inflammation that has in common with the flu just a few symptoms. Do you explain what you need to know about the head flu.

What is a head flu?

A head flu is nothing more than inflammatory changes in the brain, in which the tissue swells. The term head flu has arisen because the disease can initially be mistaken for the flu. Doctors refer to encephalitis.

Causes of head colds

Blame for the head colds are viruses that can be transmitted for example by insects such as mosquitoes. but triggers can be mumps, measles, rabies or herpes viruses. Occasionally, bacteria or fungi and parasites are the cause. Especially people with weak immune systems, including young children, are at risk.

Symptoms of head colds

Similar to a flu occurs even when a head flu fever coupled with other symptoms, which can vary greatly. These include chills, fatigue, aching joints, headaches and nausea. If adding more worrisome symptoms such as confusion, blurred vision or numbness, highest urgency.

Follow the head flu

At best, head colds sounds quickly and without major problems again. However, inflammation can also cause major damage and bleeding in the brain. If left untreated, can lead to death a head colds. At the slightest suspicion Thus, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Diagnosis and treatment of head colds

If there is reasonable suspicion of head colds Your doctor will probably first then have a blood and make a cerebrospinal fluid examination. A computed tomography can provide information about changes in the brain.

Treatment of head colds depends on the triggering agents of the disease and its course. While bacteria are treated with an antibiotic, come in viruses other medications used. In severe cases of the disease hospitalization will be inevitable. can treat themselves to the head colds do not - please look necessarily a doctor on this.

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