Hormone Yoga: Backgrounds and exercises

By hormone yoga you can stimulate and your chances to conceive a child increase your hormonal balance. Here you can learn exactly how hormone Yoga works and how it can help guide you on your fertility.

In 30 to 40 percent of cases in which the fertility of a couple remains unfulfilled, the cause is it in women. This can have many different reasons, which can be both physical, hormonal or psychological. While organic causes can usually only be corrected surgically, you the hormone yoga promises a gentle help with psychological and hormonal problems. but it is of course not a substitute for hormone treatment.

What exactly is hormone yoga?

The concept was developed by the Brazilian psychologist Dinah Rodrigues. The three main components that make up the hormone yoga composed are:

  • Movements and figures that are composed of different techniques of various yoga directions
  • special breathing techniques and
  • the activation and strengthening the body's energy.

The combination of these factors makes hormone yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that is still suitable for beginners with no previous experience.

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Help by hormone Yoga

  • According to supporters of this form of yoga is selective and stimulating the hormone balance.
  • The dynamic exercises also stimulate the metabolism and circulation.
  • The exercises are also used to counter symptoms during menopause or during menstruation.
  • Undeniably, the exercises can actively reduce stress and thus help in some women to solve mental blockages. Since stress is a common trigger hormonal disorders, this aspect is particularly important.

When is hormone yoga is not recommended?

  • If you suffer from an overproduction of certain hormones, so you should consult your gynecologist and you consult with him before starting a yoga class. When in doubt, should then be more likely to dispense with hormone yoga.
  • With damage to the sexual organs (bonded fallopian tubes, cysts and tumors), the exercises also do not contribute to fulfill the desire for children, since the causes of organic and non-hormonal in nature.

The effect of hormone Yoga demonstrated?

Unfortunately, there is no clinical studies that could confirm or deny a mode of action of hormone yoga. Of medical professionals a direct effect on the hormonal balance is, however, seen more critical. A positive effect on stress reduction and relaxation is no denying, however also by doctors from the hand. Up to the publication of the first studies therefore the yoga teachers only the reference to many individual positive experiences in their courses remain.

What you should look for in the yoga exercises?

Neither age nor the physical condition is an exclusion criterion for hormone yoga, as all exercises are very flexible and adaptable your individual physical abilities. A unique course for beginners (such as a weekend course) is recommended so you can learn the techniques manual. After this course, you can then perform at home and deepen your skills with additional training materials the exercises.

it is important, as always when yoga is that you consciously are performing hormone yoga exercises and can act. Therefore you should take your time and you focus completely on execution. If you einführst the exercise series as a kind of ritual in your daily life, you can totally relax and achieve the desired effects you along the way.

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