How can you combat lice in your apartment?

If your child is infested with lice, then you should treat it quickly with a suitable agent. But after treatment, the work is going on not just right? Instead of the whole house to be cleaned to prevent re-infection? Here you can find out why emanating from lice no danger if they are not located on the human head and why special cleaners are not necessary.

Is it necessary, also in the apartment lice to fight?

If you recognize when your child's head lice, the shock is often large. And for child your is very unpleasant. The head itches and it has to lengthy checks and treatments undergo lice to get rid of the little buggers again. When done, you want to naturally prevent soon it infects again. First, therefore, a thorough cleaning of the entire budget appears as a logical step to banish stray lice out of the house. But is that really necessary?

No panic

If you have freed the head of your child consistently lice, you have actually already done everything necessary. It is unnecessary panic to clean the whole house, because of lice is very soon no more danger from when they are no longer on the human head. Without regular blood meal every two to four hours lice can survive more than 55 hours before they dry. This is also the reason that lice usually leave the head of their host voluntarily. Visions of stuffed animals, the teeming against lice, that are not realistic. Of course it can happen that lice caught for example in a hairbrush or a cap. But even then they can only survive if they can return to a human head in no time.

Temperature also plays an important role in the survival of lice. The ideal temperature for a head louse is about 30 ° C. That's about the temperature of the scalp. At below 22 ° C, the Laus slowed significantly and below 12 ° C, it can not lay more eggs to reproduce. Already laid eggs can not develop at a temperature below 24 ° C.

control lice: Cleaning around secondary

Because the louse dies very soon if it can no longer inhabit the human head hair, special hygienic measures such as special detergents, cleaners or environmental sprays are not really necessary. However, if you feel safer when you cleanse the environment of your child, you'll find here are a few simple measures that you can perform a precaution.

  • Hair brushes, combs, barrettes and bands can be washed in hot soapy water. The water should have a temperature of 60 ° C, so that any trapped lice can be killed. For better cleaning you can take to help, for example, a nail brush.
  • Garments which have been in contact with the head hair, for example, towels, sheets, pajamas and underwear, you should wash at 60 ° C.
  • Items that can not be washed at 60 ° C, such as stuffed animals, can be stored in a tightly sealed plastic bag. In this they should either remain at a temperature below -10 ° C, preferably in the freezer for three days at room temperature or two days. At low temperatures and without oxygen may stray lice die off reliably within this time.

Important: If you grab the measures described, you should note that you are performing them simultaneously with the treatment of the child's head to avoid unwanted new infections.

control lice: Avoid unnecessary measures

On the child's head while they may be persistent, to commodities and without the supply of human blood are lice but quickly dangerous. On drastic measures such as the use of insecticides in the children's room or the whole house, you should refrain therefore essential. When your child comes into contact with such an agent which is much more harmful than the head lice even in circumstances.

By the way: Pets make when it comes to lice not dangerous. Head lice can not digest animal blood and therefore live exclusively on man.

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