How it works: What is a parent property?

Being a parent is a responsibility and a lot of fun. The term parents property but is something quite specific meaning. Here you can find out the context in which this property is important.

Parents property proves your status as a mother or father

Parents property has tax and pension insurance technical implications. In Germany childless employees pay a 0.25 percent higher premium on a long-term care, as employees with children. If you are able to submit your employer proof of parenthood or parenting the medical insurance fund is known, you will be exempt from this additional care insurance contribution. Evidence of having a child of their own, leading to permanent liberation. This is true for foster children, step-children and adopted children. However, the child may have not yet reached the age limit for family insurance.

Valid documents for proof of parenthood

To prove the parenthood, you must submit relevant documents. However, the legislator does not prescribe any specific form. are valid, therefore:

  • the child's birth certificate
  • birth certificate
  • Extract from the birth register
  • Extract from the family register
  • Acknowledgment of paternity certificate
  • adoption certificate
  • Certificate from the tax community from the registration office
  • Child support certification of the family budget
  • Bank statements on the regular input of child support
  • Documents confirming the receipt of maternity or parental money
  • Proof of parental leave taken
  • marriage certificate
  • Income tax assessment

As proof copies are sufficient. Voluntarily insured must prove the parents' property to the medical insurance fund. When changing the company, the new employer may request a parenthood evidence again. The beitragsabführenden shall keep, for the detection of parenthood and provide for checks the documents. It is customary to store along with the income tax documents.

Warning: Can not you against your employer to prove that you have a child, you giltst until the end of the month as childless and have to pay the surcharge. The evidence is, however, also provided if you present a corresponding document within three months after birth.

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