How often has a bowel movement in the baby normal?

How often should a baby have a bowel movement? The uncertainty of the parents is great. Here you can learn how often is normal more.

Abdominal pain is one of the most common reasons that a baby is restless and much crying. Parents quickly become uncertain whether the young actually often has enough bowel movements. For this question, you might run the risk of comparing the amount of bowel movements with the habits of an adult. But this is totally wrong, because the digestive tract your baby is not yet mature. In addition, it takes even a completely different food. How often your baby should have a bowel movement, thus depends on the age and whether it is exclusively breastfed or maybe even get complementary feeding. A fixed rule, how often should occur bowel movements, there is not there. With a fully breastfed baby it is perfectly normal if it repeatedly makes the diaper on the day. but it can also quite a number of days have no bowel movements. It is important only that the diaper is wet regularly. Babies who are fed with a bottle, usually have at least every other day bowel movement. This difference is due to the ingredients of breast milk are taken very different from the body.

The complementary feeding and lack of bowel movements

Big problems with bowel movements often then when you start with your baby with the baby foods. Many parents start with Möhrenbrei. However, Carrot has a chair firming effect. Therefore, it is possible that your baby has no bowel movement for several days and get abdominal pain. to start with less chair-fixing food, therefore, is recommended. are very popular here parsnip or pumpkin. If you notice that your baby for a long time did not have a bowel movement, it is always better to visit the pediatrician for safety. This can check whether a blockage is present. Helpful for intestinal problems are baby massages. With heated oil You can massage in circles to your baby's tummy. So the intestinal activities are stimulated and dissolve the winds. The movement of the little legs can be supportive. Tea should be given only in consultation with the midwife just in vollgestillten babies or in babies who get still only the bottle. This is a medicinal product without calories, which fills the stomach and can make sure that your baby does not drink enough milk.

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