Initial examination: pregnant or not?

Pregnancy test shows it to you. You'll mother! But now what? The first step should lead you for an initial examination with your gynecologist who can you safely confirm that you're actually pregnant.

To give you peace of mind if the pregnancy test is correct, a passage to your gynecologist for a first checkup is essential. This you not only confirms the displayed by the test pregnancy, but it may assess the potential risks during pregnancy months. If the result is positive, your gynecologist will sit down with you and talk about pregnancy-related issues with you.

History - Your interview with the gynecologist

So that your gynecologist gets a better picture of your situation in life, he will guide you with an intense conversation that history. This information will help your gynecologist to identify possible risks to the course of pregnancy early. In our list you will find some questions:

  • Record your personal information, such as age, occupation, lifestyle, etc.
  • The risk of possible pollutants caused by smoking, alcohol, drugs
  • Mental stress by relationship problems, a stressful workplace or even unemployment
  • Your medical condition and possible, regular medication
  • Foregoing pregnancies, births or miscarriages
  • Known underlying diseases or genetic diseases in your family

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Book tip: Right food in pregnancy and lactationWhat should I eat in my pregnancy and better not what? What I eat for nausea or heartburn? Which promotes milk production? You'll find in this book of GU answer to these and many other questions.

First physical check

Did your gynecologist won all the required information from the history, it goes to your first physical examination. Therefore the following investigations may include:

  • Listen to your heart and your lungs
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • weight measurement

In addition, the doctor pays attention to during the initial examination:

  • Uterus has grown and changed
  • Uterus, cervix and mucous membranes are supplied with blood by the pregnancy hormones softer and better

blood test

A blood test is done to clarify the following:

  • Determining the blood group and the Rh factor (in rare cases must later be prevented by administration of immunoglobulins of so-called Rhesus incompatibility)
  • Immunity to rubella
  • Test for hepatitis B and syphilis
  • HIV testing, this test is indeed not mandatory but is recommended by every gynecologist
  • Checking of hemoglobin levels


In addition, your urine is tested for various components:

  • protein
  • sugar
  • Blood or nitrite in urine

For more information about pension

Especially at the beginning of pregnancy you have many questions. Your doctor answered you in the first examination and all other determined like. Are all initial investigations terminated the mother pass, you will be presented. In our article "What is written in the mother's passport?" You can learn in Mutterpass more about the abbreviations and terms. More about all tests you can find out in "prenatal care", "prenatal diagnosis" and "ultrasound in pregnancy".

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