Intercessions for the wedding

The prayers at the wedding are beautiful part of the Church wedding ceremony. They are presented by the wedding guests and ask for the couple, for example, happiness, strong cohesion and God bless. Your prayers for the wedding you can make free and personal. As a little help we collected a few examples that can inspire you intended for your prayers for the wedding.

Intercessions are short prayers in which the community for others such as distressed or ill people for strength, health and God's blessing asks. The prayers in the church wedding ceremony are naturally directed primarily at the newly married bride and groom, but also often include family members of deceased and needy one. In most cases the petitions are being prepared at the wedding of various wedding guests and take turns speaking - a personal and emotional moment during the ceremony, which surely will remember you.

formulate petitions to the wedding

The prayers at the wedding can be freely formulated by the couple or the wedding guests. Since the intercession is to "talk to God", a salutation such as "Merciful God ..." or simply "Lord ..." is selected as an entry usually. it is only important that the intercession comes from the heart - be it poetic, emotionally or without fuss.
A little hint: If multiple speakers are planned, should this necessarily deny in advance what topics they would like to choose and what order offers itself.

Display Besides ordinary wedding ideas

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Intercessions at the wedding: For the bride and groom

  • We ask for [bride] and [groom] that they still feel the love that unites them today in many years.
  • We ask for [bride] and [groom] to lead a marriage full of happiness, honesty and loyalty.
  • We ask for [bride] and [groom] that they consider their luck always as a gift and not as a matter of course.
  • We ask you to accompany [bride] and [groom] on their common path and give them courage to overcome any hurdles.
  • We ask you to let never dry up the joy in their hearts, the love in her eyes and affection in their gestures.
  • We ask you to let grow steadily their love that they give each other in difficult times as power and stand together faithful.
  • We ask you to help them to create a home where their children in love, trust and security.
  • We ask you, the children they desire bless. Let them grow up healthy and enjoy using their parents.
  • We ask you, she is stays with people they love, they encourage in their way and support in difficult tasks.

Intercessions at the wedding: For family, friends and community

  • We pray for all who have accompanied the newlyweds in their previous lives that they continue to be [bride] and [groom] with affection and helpfulness to the side.
  • We ask for their parents, who gave their lives for their families where they grew up. Protect them that they are the couple closely associated for many years.
  • We pray for family members and friends that God should repay them what they [bride] and [groom] proved to good.
  • We ask for friends and confidants. Let their hearts always be open to rejoice with [bride] and [groom] on their luck.
  • We ask for deceased members who can not be with us in this joyful hour. Let them eternal life.
  • We pray for all who have lost a loved one that you bring back peace and joy in their hearts.
  • We ask you: Let's open and understanding go through the different generations together. Let them to respect and assist each other.
  • We ask you: Keep your protective hand over the roof of this new family. Let it be their home for every guest a place of happiness and peace.
  • We ask you: give everyone who spent many years in love for many years to happiness together.

Intercessions at the wedding: For the needy, the sick and victims of violence and disasters

  • We pray for all who suffer from hunger, experiencing violence and war, were forced to flee from their homes. Help them to draw new courage.
  • We pray for those who mourn, mourn and lonely. Give them comfort and hope.
  • We pray for the sick and elderly. Let's not forget that we are them a helping hand and a friendly word to the side.
  • We pray for the people who had to experience the disappointment and deception that they regain confidence in the good.

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