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A cornet heard on the first day just to do so. Learn more here to the custom and what you can pack up your child in the school bag. We have put together also helpful tips for you as you best store in the content in the treats, so that the school bag does not go the same broken.

Cornet on the first day of school

Around since the 19th century, it is customary in Germany, mitzugeben school child on the first day of a cornet. She used traditionally filled with sweets, dried fruits, nuts and other snacks. Nowadays, parents pack their schoolchild small gifts in the cornet to make them their big day even more beautiful. The anticipation of the gifts also alleviates the worst excitement before the start of school. Typically, the cornet is unpacked at home after the first day.

Often, the cornet is crafted in kindergarten together with the other pre-school children, but also from stationery shops or on the Internet you can find ready-made bags to buy. In addition, you have the opportunity at home to tinker a very individual treats for your child yourself. Creative tips, suggestions and craft instructions you find in our article "10 Tips to tinker cornet".

AnzeigeSelbstgebstaltete Schultüten of about

Light blue school bag with pink owlsOn questions you can find wonderful homemade treats for your child Your. For example, the sugar cube "Owl luck", we find particularly attractive.

>>Click here for questions and the great Schultüten

Ideas for filling the cornet

The cornet is traditionally filled with candy or small toys, but also useful gifts that your child needs for school, are appropriate. The following things are particularly suitable for filling:

  • letter biscuits
  • Lunch box and water bottle for the snack
  • Umbrella, purse or backpack to match the knapsack
  • T-shirt or pants for physical education
  • Hair clips and Zopfgummis for girls
  • Luck or cuddly toy
  • Lanyard with its own front door key
  • Craft items or special pins
  • radioplay
  • Voucher for an excursion
  • Jump rope, rubber twist or ball to play in the big break
  • Friends book or autograph book
  • Flashlight and magnifying glass for small recreational researchers
  • parlor game
  • puzzle book
  • Books for beginning readers
  • Candies, chocolate bars or other loosely packed sweets

In our article "sugar cube: Creative Ideas for filling" You can find more suggestions and tips, so you can make your child happy.

pack Schultüte properly

If you fill the cornet of your child, you should proceed with a system to distribute the presents optimal. These tips will help you to pack the cornet:

  • Top of the cornet fill: So that the tip fold over not so fast, you should fill it with special care. Slightly stable, pointed, like an umbrella or a large pencil, is well suited to stuff the tip of the treats it. but you can use, for example, candy, roasted almonds, or other treats that likes your child a great bag of candy.
  • Heavy Gifts store: So that the weight is well distributed and your child does not get any problems while wearing, especially heavy gifts should be stowed as low as possible. Because if heavy things are above, it is difficult to balance the cornet in the arm without being tilted to the earth. In addition, then delicate, fragile things are not crushed by the heavy stuff.
  • Fill gaps: So that the content of the cornet is not muddled up again, you should stuff good the gaps. loose candy or other sweets: To this end, colorful crepe paper, newsprint, or the sweet alternative is.
  • bigger surprise: To make the unpacking for a child to your more exciting, you can the gifts individually packed in gift paper. So you save you a lot of filler to stuff the cornet. Especially great gifts should not the same as the first top lie, but leave some time in coming; which increases the tension.
  • Not too full: Your child must still be able to carry the cornet. As you pack that you pack the not too much, because it is too difficult otherwise and such a crowded shopping bag breaks. Add to this that the cornet can better tie, if you still leaves some room above.
  • Gently close: Finally, when all the gifts have found their place, you still have to be carefully capped the cornet. Mostly a crepe paper location is top mounted on the edge which you can gently tie with a big bow. In order to prevent the crepe paper tearing, you can enhance it inside with transparent tape. Also make sure that the content does not protrude or overflowing, because the crepe paper is not very stable.

If it should rain on the first day of your child, you can protect against moisture, the cornet with a large see-through garbage bag so that the paper or the adhesive does not soften and fall apart the cornet then.

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