Lay laminate: Costs

Laminate is a cheap alternative to hardwood flooring. However, the laying of skilled craftsmen bashing impact. Save costs and put itself on hand!

Laminate is manufactured in two layers: the lower layer is cheap wood. In a second layer is glued, which either consists of plywood or plastic. to lay a square laminate costs depending on the quality 6-30 euros. However, you should stop buying at least five percent because you always waste. In addition, you need baseboards, in which prices are 3-30 euros.

If you lay your own laminate floor, you can save enormous. Skilled craftsmen calculate between 15 and 35 euros to lay a square meter of laminate. Add to this the cost of installation of the baseboards. Artisans charge for it 5-10 euros per square meter. To the pure labor costs have packages for getting here and getting the food to come. Pass at a cost estimate that these items are included. If not, ask for better in order to avoid costly surprises.

It may also be necessary with uneven floors to dampen the laminate flooring with a fleece padding. Other costs include the removal and disposal of the former flooring. The amount of these costs depends on the individual case.

Do it yourself: How much does the laying of your laminate flooring

If you lay your own laminate floor, the expenses described above for the laminate itself and the baseboards are incurred. You can lay on a flat tile floor or needle felt a laminate easily. Carpeting, never remove but before.

You can take a laminate floor either floating or fully bonded embarrassed. Floating means, the tongue and groove boards are not fixed to the substrate. In this case, a special pad for the laminate flooring is recommended. There are many different offers of cork to the polyurethane heavy mat. Prices range between 70 cents and 10 euros per square meter.

It is also possible to glue the laminate completely. But you need between 300 and 400 grams of adhesive per square meter. Prices for this range from about 7 to 15 euros per kilogram of adhesive. Bonding protects against rising damp, but makes a dismantling impossible.
Add to this the cost of installation of the baseboards. You can attach skirting boards with nails, screws and dowels or glue. For this, you should schedule depending on the method 5-20 euros.

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