LSR in Mutterpass: What does this mean?

A maternity pass is full of foreign words. Do not explain what the individual terms for you. What is, for example, the abbreviation LSR?

What's LSR?

Under LSR your doctor understands a syphilis-search response. Syphilis is the venereal disease syphilis. The test LSR will now examine whether the causative agent of this disease is present in your body or not. Is the pathogen found in the body, the test responds with a positive result. In your mother pass the test result is not recorded, it is only recorded when the test was performed.

What is the risk for your baby, if the test is positive?

If the test reacts positively, there are two possible reasons. On the one hand it may be that the disease is already cured and thus is no longer dangerous for the child yours. The other possibility is that the infection is still acute. Then you, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, thus a risk can be ruled out for your baby.

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