Lusttropfen: That you should know about

The Lusttropfen, also called Präejakulat occurs, from before the actual ejaculation from the penis. But what he's really good? Here are the key facts.

The Lusttropfen - harbinger of ejaculation

The name says it all: the Lusttropfen is secreted during sexual arousal of the male member. then like a raindrop he perched on the tip of the penis, because unlike the sperm do not, there is a drop of pleasure from a milky, but from a clear liquid. It is produced just before orgasm from the Cowper's gland, which releases it into the urethra.

Lusttropfen: a real Mr. Clean

Urine and semen agree not good: While urine is acidic, sperm requires an alkaline environment. The Lusttropfen provides a remedy and makes in the urethra by a higher pH Shipshape. At the same time it acts as a lubricant - all natural.

Can I get pregnant from pre-cum?

Yes, although the drop of pleasure is not produced by the testicles, sperm may already be present here as well. Experts disagree on the cause. There may be even seed remains in the urethra or epididymis already produced before the actual ejaculation a little sperm. So it is not a safe method of contraception to stop having intercourse shortly before the male orgasm. Likewise, you should better use a new condom if you left it roams backward by mistake instead of just apply it. However, the risk of becoming pregnant from pre-cum is a lot less than full-fledged sexual intercourse.

Caution, risk of infection

The same as for the prevention applies to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases: Even with these you can infect through the Lusttropfen you already. On possible diseases that you could infect you, include gonorrhea, Chlamyiden, mycoplasma, and fungal infections. Even HIV infection is not excluded. Even if it does not come to traffic, the condom is therefore the best precaution, if you do not know your sexual partners sufficient.

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