make apple butter itself: How

Sugar-free, an abundance of nutrients, a delicious spread: By making apple butter you overcome the Erntesegen playing!

With apple butter is a traditional spread from the Rhineland. Unlike applesauce you deprive their juice, which you then einkochst in making apple butter fruit. The best sweet apples, which contain abundant natural sugars are suitable for it.

Common cabbage cooking in villages

For many centuries cooking apple butter was one of the few ways to make fruits preserved for the winter. Not only in the Rhineland, in the Belgian province of Liege and the Dutch province of Limburg was one apple butter of everyday life. In some villages the community posed a Kraut press. The common cooking apple butter was a social event.

Sugar-free syrup

If you have apple trees in the garden or have to use many apples quickly, cooking apple butter is ideal. This viscous syrup is an ideal spread which sweetens sugar free and contains many minerals, especially potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

Although the boiling reduces the vitamin content. Ready Apfelkraut yet provides you in addition to small amounts of B vitamins and vitamin C a considerable amount of vitamin E and vitamin A, important for the skin and the eyes.

Sweet syrup rewarded the patience

For cooking apple butter is particularly sweet, ripe apples, for example, the variety Double Härtling own. Ideal is a juicer, but you can also cook and then let the juice drain the apples.

Ingredients (for about 600 milliliters of apple butter):

  • 5 kg apples
  • Cinnamon stick and / or lemon juice
  • water


Wash the apples and cut them into pieces. Core is superfluous. Cook the apples quite soft in a pint of water. Let drain the cooked fruit through a cloth strainer, preferably overnight. Press the cloth as well as possible thereafter. You should get about 1.5 liters of apple juice.

Now cook the juice over medium heat a 600 milliliter. That takes at least one hour. If you want, you can refine the taste apple butter with a cinnamon stick and / or lemon juice. Give these ingredients at the beginning of Einkochens it.

The existing in apples pectin leads to gelling of the syrup. You can apple butter in jars in a dark place for up to 12 months. Apple butter can be used as honey. It tastes as a spread, but also fits into ice.

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