make candles: Top Tips

Glasses, spices, tree bark: The possibilities are endless if you want to make candles with your children. Here you can find ideas!

With a little imagination you can make with your children extraordinary candles together. It need not always be awake motifs on white candles. We have put together our hit list of original ideas.

  1. Candles in glass

Place a candle in a glass that is large enough. A jam or preserving jar works well for this. Between the candle and the glass wall at least one centimeter gap should be. Now you fill out the edge with a pretty ingredient - such as acorns, hazelnuts or different colored legumes.

  1. decorate glass

Rather than fill the gap, you can decorate the outside of the glass. The magic light reflections when the candle burns. Rustic act small branches, you aufklebst lengthwise - like a natural fence in miniature. Precious hand, sees tip on a background of glass.

Tip: If you tinker with young children, take a rubber-based adhesive that requires no solvents.

  1. cinnamon sticks

A thick pillar candle is suitable for this original decoration: glue sticks lengthwise on the candle and dress up your work with a natural-colored band. This not only looks minimalist and modern: When the candle burns, the indirect heat of the flame activates the flavors of cinnamon sticks and incense fills the room.

  1. bark

A nature-loving effect You score with thin bark, which you can buy at the craft store. They wrap around the candle and verschnüre it with a strip of leather - an original look that is suitable for any device.

  1. sand candle

Sand gives your candle a rustic look. Width sand out on a flat surface. Now You warm the outside of your pillar candle gently with a flame. This can be a lighter, a candle flame, or the flame of a gas cooker. It is important that you make the wax sticky, but it does not bring to melt.

Then you roll the sticky candle in the sand. Do not try to decorate the entire outer surface at once with sand. For a candle You need at least four operations.

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