make cervix soft – Here’s how

When is it finally over? Longingly You wait for Your Baby: The last days of pregnancy can be more than exhausting. However you should not be premature to try to make the cervix soft and exert yourself with patience. Find out how and what you can do.

make cervix soft - when is it useful?

Only when the birth is one week overdue, you should think about nachzuhelfen the onset of labor slightly after consultation with the midwife. Try not to enjoy the last days before the birth and to take action. It will take some time until you can again simply go to the movies without organize a babysitter and keep your smartphone at the ready.

Movement makes the baby legs

Is the midwife or your gynecologist green light, you can with some additional movement such recordable floor cleaning or light gymnastic exercises try to speed things up. A tea with cardamom and cinnamon can help. Many midwives also advise to sexual intercourse. This could accelerate the onset of labor for two reasons: First, the uterus contracts during orgasm, on the other hand are located in semen called prostaglandins, which are introduced even in an artificial introduction in the form of gel or tablets into the vagina.

The help of a midwife

In addition to your gynecologist your midwife is the best point of contact when it comes to inducing labor. Some midwives have an acupuncture training and able to act in this way on the body. You too can your midwife educate about clove oil tampon, however, may only be used directly in the hospital.

Cocktail labor as a last resort

Is the introduction before then can help with castor oil, which activates the intestine and thus the uterus as a last resort, a labor cocktail. However, this You can play only in the presence of a midwife after you have talked to your doctor about it. Otherwise threatening complications such as nausea and violent contractions.

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