make cough syrup itself

Cough syrup is a classic home remedy that has proven itself for generations to cough. Since he is an expectorant, it can help your child great for coughs. A cough you can do it yourself quite easily with just a few ingredients. Learn here how to do it.

How does cough syrup?

Cough can be quite uncomfortable for the child yours. Before You attack to medication, you can try to alleviate the cough your child with appropriate home remedies to a gentle way first of all. A cough syrup is ideal for these purposes. He causes the mucus dissolves in the airways and can be coughed up easily. So your child can quickly recover from his cough. A cough can also ensure that the bronchi your child to calm down and coughing are thus resolved or even prevented.

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made cough syrup itself

Cough syrup is generally available in all drugstores and pharmacies. You can have him but also with corresponding natural resources, herbs or medicinal plants without much effort to do by yourself. We show you how you can prepare yourself cough syrup.

  • Radish honey: Cutting a black radish Winter length on and cave it out with a spoon. If you then auffüllst both halves radish with honey and can pull eight to twelve hours the radish, it produces a juice that you best aufbewahrst if possible in the fridge and you can give to drink more before meals your child. Since radish juice contains sulfur oils, this homemade cough syrup acts as a disinfectant on the mucous membranes of your child and so soothes irritated airways.
  • Rosinensud: For a Rosinensud you cook first on a handful of raisins, dried chamomile flowers and marshmallow leaves in water. Give one tablespoon of honey added, administer and your child every hour a teaspoon of broth. This cough syrup is an expectorant on the respiratory system of your child and can give him a quiet night.
  • Onion syrup: Because of their sulfur-containing ingredients onions are ideal for coughs. They are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic on the mucous membranes of your child and can deliver them quickly from his cough. An onion syrup you can do it yourself without much effort. For this, you simply are cutting an onion into cubes, fill it in a small bowl and bestreust it with two tablespoons of sugar. Lasse yet to pull the onions a few hours. For thus creating a syrup containing liquid, which you then scoop up and to drink your child as cough syrup can.
  • Horseradish juice: Give three tablespoons of grated horseradish with a tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of ginger and six tablespoons of honey in a glass and will let this closed overnight. Your child can be up to three times daily drink it. Similar black winter radishes and onions and horseradish has sulfur-containing ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic on the mucous membranes.

You want to know how you can even alleviate the cough your child beyond? More gentle treatment options you can find in our article "5 home remedies for cough."

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