make pastry bag itself: So it’ll work

To apply cream or other soft masses pretty no piping bag must be purchased. This can be very easily produced itself. Do not explain how.

Option 1: baking paper:

  • Roll the paper back so on that a tapered cone is formed.
  • Adhesive now the rolled up piece of parchment paper with tape tightly. Glue it so that it afterwards does not work out not only the seam, but also the top when applied by the applied pressure.
  • If the diameter of the tip is not fit, it can be enlarged with scissors.
  • Now fill the ingredients that are to be sprayed, in the ready-made bags.
  • To apply the mass hold up with one hand homemade pastry bag to and move with the other hand the mass of the pastry bag out.

Option 2: freezer bag:

  • To tinker a piping bag from a freezing bag, the top cut from one of the lower corners of the freezer bag. The hole should not possible be too large.
  • Do you have a spout at hand, this is now put on the inside by the newly formed hole, so it keeps well. Through a suitable spout but decorative patterns emerge without is possible.
  • Fill the cream or filling, you want to apply with a pastry bag, turn the freezer bag and it to the top.
  • Now you can apply exactly the filling by pressing the bag.

The freezer bag is also particularly good for thicker dough such as tough Spritzgebäckteig, because the bag is more stable than baking paper.

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