Merry Christmas: The most beautiful wishes

Merry Christmas you may want in very different ways. You can send a card or hand over a gift. You can also make a little more personal, such as with a spell your greetings but. We collected some very nice ideas for you.

Here are popular sayings for children:

Advent, Advent,
A light is burning!
First one, then two, then three, then four,
Then the Christ child is coming.
And when the fifth light is burning,
Then hast'e Christmas slept.
(The author is unknown.)

Dear good Santa Claus,
give me a cake man,
not too big and not too small,
I always want to be like.
Give me a little,
I start to cry!
(The author is unknown.)

It continues with contemplative sayings:

Time to be silent, to listen, to go in it.
Only those who tranquility dominates can still see the wonder
the Spirit of Christmas people give.
Even if some think otherwise.
(The author is unknown.)

Now approaching the beautiful Christmas season,
fills us all with joy.
On that everyone was satisfied,
What if God him.
So there is not much for the New Year
to be desired, because it's in the old was also good.
(The author is unknown.)

Following are rhymed greetings:

Finally it is so far:
Christmas, the quiet time.
Have grad 'leis' thinking of you
and packed a wish for you.
All the best for Christmas!
(The author is unknown.)

In the sky the stars shine so bright and so clear
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
(The author is unknown.)

You may want a Christmas card Merry Christmas or with a personal gift. So you can make a Christmas arrangement with a candle or a plate of goodies. You can pollinate and wish Merry Christmas and a fir branch with gold paint.

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