Month 11: Baby Development

The first year of life is coming to an end and your baby is in the 11th month ready without having to sit your help on the birthday table. We'll tell you in this article, what further progress in development makes Your baby in the 11th month.

  • Boy

    about 9,400 g (+/- 800 g) 75 cm (+/- 4 cm)

  • girl

    about 8,700 g (+/- 800 g) 73 cm (+/- 4 cm)

Note in these data that every baby has its own pace of development. When in doubt, you turn to your best to your midwife or the pediatrician.

Month 11: Milestones Baby Development

11 months You can certainly describe as a play time in terms of baby development. Your baby is full of energy and like to take the opportunity to explore by crawling alone, "the larger world." If he is crawling too strenuous or noticed something of interest, your baby can sit without problems alone, because the seating position is no longer a challenge for your baby. The development in the area is now completely finished.

The next goal in the motor development is perfecting the art movement in a vertical position. The baby can not only be in 11 months, but also bend and squat. Your baby is now running quite happy to furniture along where it can hold on a little.

The baby goes to 44 weeks often your moods and can follow your instructions in the rule. It understands when you say 'no', even if it is not always obeyed. It is very important at this time to set right from the start limits. So Your baby will learn the rules of coexistence quickly accept and later better note. But be careful anyway to meet your baby with love and patience, even if it fails to comply with some things the first time.

In the 11th month it may be advisable not to use the word "no" too often. Because if you are often used in conjunction with more trivial things and situations that can lead to a trivialization of importance. The can end is that it will later be difficult for your baby to obey you and respect your will. Use therefore best only to protect the word No the baby from danger.

The baby is still concentrated in the 11th month and can employ a longer time alone also. His memory is so large that it can recognize the shapes and colors of various objects and assign them. No wonder - Your baby is constantly working to develop this ability by trying for example to imitate your mouth movement and various gestures. You can do it also by various clapping and movement games support.

The baby can consciously in the 11th month say "Mama" and "Papa" what most parents very much enjoy. The number of words whose meaning is understood Your baby is growing every day. And it will not be long until your baby can even pronounce. You can encourage your baby to talk by you actively listen to him. This will motivate your baby to practice on. Another advantage of listening is that your baby learns early on one of the most important rules of interpersonal communication.

Display Great toy for the senses

A girl sitting on the floor and has a pink O-ball in the handsWith the Oball Rattle with rattles you to your baby perfectly assist in his first grasping attempts. We have found it for you at JAKO-O.

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Month 11: Dates around the baby

  • MMR Imfpung
  • Chickenpox vaccine

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Month 11: tips about baby


An allergy is a problem that also can affect babies already. Not excluded are also so-called cross-allergies, so additional allergic reactions to substances that are similar in structure to the actual protein allergen. Nowadays only effective treatment method is simple avoidance of contact with the allergenic substance. Learn more about allergies in children in our feature on the subject.

Bicycle seats and trailers

When Your baby in the 11th month can sit alone, you will also be able to take a bike tour without problems with it. However, only in a bicycle trailer or in a bicycle child seat. Most bicycle seats are suitable for a weighing between 9 and 22 kg. What you have to consider when buying and assembling a bicycle seat, you can read in our special bicycle seats and trailers.

Tips for early risers

Your baby is a real early birds? This does not necessarily lie in its nature, but can also be caused by adaptation needy sleeping habits. With a few simple tips can get your baby to sleep longer and better adapt your rhythm.

Brushing the baby

In the 11 months Your baby already has some teeth that need to be properly cared for. With the help of toothbrush bristles with thimbles you can connect dental care for your baby with a massage of the gums, which can relieve the symptoms at the same time that has your baby during teething.

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