Month 12: Baby Development

After 12 months the first year of life is over. Your baby will be so soon a small child. It has made tremendous progress in development and has grown so much in the first year, as it will probably do so in relation never again: the size and weight have roughly doubled since birth. A developing healthy baby has the 12th month usually have 4 to 6 teeth and has become a little man who can move independently and interact with its environment. Learn more about the Baby Development in the 12th month.

  • Boy

    about 9,600 g (+/- 800 g) 76 cm (+/- 4 cm)

  • girl

    8,900 g (+/- 800 g) 74 cm (+/- 4 cm)

Note in these data that every baby has its own pace of development. When in doubt, you turn to your best to your midwife or the pediatrician.

Month 12: Milestones Baby Development

Your baby is almost constantly on the move in the 12th month. It is more adept at crawling and tried to perfect his steps. Now is no longer trained in large measure fine motor skills, but rather strengthen the large muscles. Maybe you can see that your baby in the 12th month of love knocking down bigger things, pushes or -schiebt.

For moving quite like to use Your baby in the 12th week in addition to crawl the "knee Gang" and the "rail-speed". The first movement is based on the basis that your baby still feels more comfortable if it has anything what it can hold. If these things can also simultaneously slide well, they like to use your baby as a movement help by resting his hands not on the ground but on the movable object.

The name of rail-course has its origin in a ship railing, where people often seek support in a troubled sea. This process also resemble the tests your baby when it comes along sideways on the furniture in both directions. In the 12th month Your baby is trying to rail-course, which it has already mastered to perfection by trying to hold on with one hand. The other remains free to access, for example, for an interesting subject.

The gripping and motor coordination are now so well developed that your baby would also alone hold the spoon. Although the independent eating with a spoon does not always go smoothly, but your baby can not get discouraged. Now's the time has come for Your Small with the whole family at a table eating.

Your baby can discover with its 48 weeks the smallest crumbs on the floor. More and better understands now the spatial relationships, such as top and bottom or inside and out. The baby is also continued one of his favorite activities, which is constantly switched on different things and unpack.

Your baby invents the 12th month always new sounds, which you might occurs first as nothing new. After all, the babbling is his area of ​​expertise for several weeks. Now, however, the language is getting smarter. Since your baby can not even pronounce most of the words, their meaning but already understands it invents sounds, which it then allocates fixed individual things and activities. Then his own, temporary vocabulary that will use your baby until it can name things properly developed. It is still important that you speak at every opportunity with your baby. It namely learning the language quickly and effectively.

Your baby may also show that it understands you you now. It can show a picture book on called from you images and fulfill small orders getting better. Always remember that you mention Your baby polite when you give him instructions. So you put even the basics of social education and show your baby that it is important to you.

Your baby needs in the 12 months still about 12-14 hours of sleep - most of them at night. During the day it's still 1-2 short periods of sleep, but it can fall out and more difficult at the time to motivate your baby to nap. Indeed, it is possible that it is your baby simply too good to waste the day for sleep when there is so much to discover.

Display Great toy for the senses

A girl sitting on the floor and has a pink O-ball in the handsWith the Oball Rattle with rattles you to your baby perfectly assist in his first grasping attempts. We have found it for you at JAKO-O.

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Month 12: Dates around the baby

  • Meningococcal vaccination
  • Preparing children's birthday

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Month 12: tips about baby

learn to walk

Your baby is in the 12th month on the way to work. It will not be long and your baby will walk with you hand in hand. The crawling and the rail-course are natural intermediate steps to strengthen the muscles and sense of balance. In our specialty, we give you tips on how you can support your baby during development.

wean pacifier

It is not uncommon a controversial and hotly debated topic when it is best for the baby to wean him the pacifier. In general, the earlier the better. You can therefore begin as early as from the first birthday to accustom your baby to life without pacifiers. We give you tips and imagine beautiful and practical rituals that you can apply in the Abgewöhnungsphase.

family outing

In the 12th month, nothing speaks against it to take an all-day family trip in fine weather. Depending on how far your target from home, you should also pack a few other important things that help you enjoy the trip to the fullest besides food, diapers and change things. We have compiled a helpful checklist for you so you do not forget anything and tell you which are the best free family attractions.

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