Navel smells: Causes and Treatment

There are many different reasons why a belly button smells. For the unpleasant smell poor hygiene of the navel, an inflammation or fungal infection may be responsible.

Navel smells: Common causes and treatment

Deposition of skin cells, dirt, sweat or textile fibers provide ideal conditions for bacteria. Where the health of the belly button neglected, can by the warm, moist environment germs form that spread unpleasant odor. If the belly button smells, can also called navel stones be responsible. These occur when dead horn cells stick together, which, with time, to a stone-like mass. In this case, a thorough cleaning of the belly button is sufficient. Simply the navel with a damp cotton swab and some shower gel or soap thoroughly clean. with special focus placed on small skin wrinkles and niches.

Common cause of the unpleasant odor can also be a Inflammation or fungal infection be. Makes itself felt inflammation by itching and / or oozing. A mild inflammation you can handle yourself. Here clean the navel thoroughly and rub with a cotton swab something healing or ointment. When inflammation persists further and starts to hurt, you should definitely consult a doctor. Sometimes it might be a fungal infection or the like, which must be treated with prescription agents.

Navel smells: Watching the baby

If smells of the navel with a newborn baby, you should consult a doctor immediately to avoid serious complications. In a navel infection a strong smelling, greasy-purulent fluid normally exits. The skin around the navel is red, swollen, very sensitive to touch and. But these symptoms can also be very weak. In a serious disease, it can lead to blood poisoning because newborn still have a very weak immune system. Therefore, the umbilical care should be carried out very carefully.

Navel care for Younger and old

Whether with yourself or your child: The navel should be given the necessary attention when showering or bathing. Usually a short rinsing enough already. If the navel very deep or winding, helps a cotton swab when cleaning. It is also important to keep it dry. Especially in babies or young children a special navel powder is applied for. But adults can use the powder to make it not only comes to that, that the navel smells.

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