New app helps to limit smartphone consumption by children

Many parents regularly have difficulty loszueisen their children for homework, meals or other activities from the smartphone or tablet. A new app is now to remedy the situation.

As Reuters reported, the smartphone and tablet use by children has tripled since 2011th Therefore now a new app for Android devices and iPhones was launched. "Dinner Time Parental Control" is to enable parents to limit access to smartphones and tablets for their children to specified time window.

App allows manual blocking

To use the app, it must first be installed on the corresponding smartphone or tablet. Parents can then set up off-times of 30 minutes up to three hours, in which the use of the device is not possible. A countdown on the display tells the child when it can play with it again.

Distraction of technology should be minimized

To develop the app, the creators of the original tradition of joint family dinner were inspired. "Prices for smartphones and tablets are greatly diminished. One consequence of the fact that more children have their own equipment, "said Richard Sah, one of the developers of the new app. In many families, thus was among others the tradition of the official dinner for lost, Saw faulted on. "We want people to come together to have interesting conversations, and not be distracted by a tablet."

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