Nickel wedding: Meaning and gifts

Some wedding day have a special meaning. Do you have to explain what is going on with the nickel wedding to be that customs there is this and what gifts due now.

Nickel wedding: Meaning

Nickel is a metal having a high resistance to air, water, acids and alkalis. For this reason it is often used for alloys. It is very stable, comparable to a marriage, which is already 12 years. Is polished nickel, it radiates strongly on incident light. For marriage, this means that the couple also literally polishing should not be forgotten. Because a good marriage is mostly hard work.

Dedicated customs for this day are unknown. After 12 years of marriage, but one night is certainly a good idea for couples in which an Escape from everyday life is possible.

Matching gifts for the nickel wedding

For gifts, containing nickel, you should pay attention. For many people suffering from a nickel allergy. Then it makes sense to dispense with such gifts and instead to take the year 12 itself on the subject. We have put together a few ideas for you:

  • includes costume jewelry, nickel
  • Calendar (with symbolic 12 months)
  • Kitchen utensils such as pots (chrome-nickel steel connections)
  • Small money as money gift collect (in America is small change called "Nickle")

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