Payback points grudge: Find it!

You're Payback customer and collect diligently Points weekly shopping? Then you have it maybe sweaty before, show the payback card? Fortunately, these points do not expire immediately, but can later be added to the points account. We explain to you how it goes.

What's payback?

Payback customers gather in participating stores when shopping points that can be redeemed for rewards later. However, these points can only collect by the customer vorzeigt its Payback card when paying. Should this be forgotten is not so bad, because the points can be added subsequently to the account.

How Payback points can grudge?

To nachzutragen the payback points, it is important that you need to store the receipts that you have received for your purchase.
Unfortunately payback points can not grudge online but must be registered at some payback points machine. These are often located in the participating stores (REWE, Real, DM, ...).

Arriving at the machine you choose:

  • "Nachpunkten"
  • wearing the requested data (postal code, or date of birth) and
  • then the bar code of a receipt can scan under the mounted in the machine scanner.

The point machine finds there all the necessary information and the lack of points adds to the old points account. It can be added to the points account only a limited number of receipts with missing points. Therefore, it is important not to forget the card and the presentation of.

Have fun collecting points and cash bonuses.

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