Planned caesarean section: date, cost and completion

In addition to the planned caesarean section for medical reasons today many mothers opt for a caesarean delivery on maternal request. Do you explain what you should know about schedule, cost, and expiration of a planned caesarean section.

Planned caesarean section - the right date

A planned caesarean section usually takes from five days to two weeks before the actual due date. This is the optimum date because your baby is already mature enough for the birth, but probably not go into labor on its own. This would make the planned caesarean section, an emergency surgery and complicate the process significantly.

Cost of a caesarean section

A caesarean delivery on maternal request is not listed in the reimbursement catalog of health insurance. However, there are both physical and psychological reasons that speak for such an intervention. If you consider to have to perform a caesarean section, you turn to your best early on to your gynecologist, which optionally can attest you a necessity. In this case, your health insurance will cover the costs.

Expiration of a planned caesarean section

In preparation for a urinary catheter is necessary. The whole body is up to the abdomen covered with large towels. But you need not be afraid that you have to watch the OP: Before we start, a privacy screen is still attached.

General anesthesia is not absolutely necessary for a C-section and is carried out only in exceptional cases; It also reaches a regional anesthetic in the form of a spinal or epidural anesthesia (PDA). Here, not only eliminates the risks of anesthesia, but you can also the birth of your child to experience.

The surgery itself takes about an hour. If your baby has arrived, and the placenta is removed and then stitched it all.
After cesarean You have to stay in the hospital and you save a while, as the rather large wound needs time to healing for up to one week. This can also cause pain for some time. But you can get pain relievers that are safe during breastfeeding.

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