Plastic wrap around the belly: That brings it

Plastic wrap around the belly is a new trend to get a toned tummy. But whether it actually works?

An interesting trend that has come from America to Germany, the body wrap is. The name says it all, because parts of the body here be wrapped with plastic wrap. The process promises a slim, attractive figure. The method is mainly on the belly application, but also the extent of the legs should decrease with the wrapping. The idea behind it is simple - if the plastic wrap wrapped around the abdomen, then they should absolutely properly seated. The foil ensures that the skin is no more oxygen is supplied. Because this begins to sweat heavily and lose its extent.

Users of this measure argue that the plastic wrap compresses the fat cells in this way on the belly. The water contained therein to escape and the scope should be reduced. In addition, advertised that even cellulite may disappear by the plastic wrap. But this effect actually occurs too?

The effect of plastic wrap around the belly

Plastic wrap around the belly can not ensure that you lose fat and it also has no effect on your cellulite. Only water is carried out of the body and it may well be that your stomach thereby acts tighter and firmer at first glance. But while you should keep in mind that it is only a short-term effect, because your body will increase its thirst and compensate for the loss of water again. Actually, the film brings to the stomach so only a short-term, but no lasting effect.

If you want to have for a special occasion a few centimeters less extent, the method can be a good way. In this case, there are even special creams that you can apply to your skin you. There, the film is then wound so that the cream can act. Do you want to lose weight permanently, only help with diet and exercise.

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