Po wonder the baby – what to do?

Baby skin is very sensitive and therefore a wonderful Po is not uncommon. To avoid soreness, you should give him a lot of attention. Why a wonderful Po created when baby and what you can do about it, this wiki.

prevent sore butt of frequent diaper change

Through the diaper and all landing in excreta, a baby's bottom is particularly testy. The warm and humid environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Therefore you should change four to six times a day and keep the Po your baby so beautiful dry and clean the diaper of your offspring ideally. But even with sufficient care, it may be that there is inflammation.

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Wonder Po despite frequent diaper change?

Reasons for a sore bottom when baby can be, for example, the incompatibility of the diaper or certain "aggressive" foods, such as citrus or peppers. A wonderful Po therefore also occurs more frequently in infants who have received the first baby foods. But when a baby is still breast-fed and the nursing mother takes food with high fruit acidity to him, this can adversely affect the chair and baby's bottom. To find out what exactly creates a wonderful Po is caused, you should even have to change the diaper manufacturer or try cloth diapers. Even omitting certain foods can help in the cause of research. A wonderful Po can also be caused by allergies and intolerances toilet or bath additives.

Wonder Po: First Aid

  • When the Po is even sore, you should try to make your baby as often as possible running around or kicking without diaper to allow air to get to the damaged skin.
  • When cleaning it is better if you only use clear, bacteria-free water and waive any previously used oils. Also powder and oil cloths from the drug store, you should not use it to protect the sore bottom your baby.
  • You can the water that you use to clean, fix and a shot oak bark extract and dab the sore spots on baby's bottom. Chamomile tea is also very suitable as an additive, for he is not only anti-inflammatory, but also reassuring.
  • Also calendula oil from the pharmacy has an anti-inflammatory effect, which you can use for the care of wounds Babypos.
  • Eighth after cleaning out wipe your butt your baby well. Especially the skin folds must be well and carefully dried to prevent the Po further inflamed.
  • Following you can apply cream with zinc ointment, which ensures that the site in question is moisture and supports wound healing the sores on your baby's butt. Besides, you should apply the cream but do not apply too thick, because then often no longer gets enough air to the skin and the healing process is delayed.
  • Remains the cause and first aid unsuccessful and the Po your offspring still sore, you should definitely your pediatrician for advice.

What to do with strong redness?

If you discover open and very red skin in the diaper area, you should consult the doctor necessarily. It can be a diaper rash or a fungal infection that can be treated by a specialist. For this you will prescribe the pediatrician special ointments. Otherwise, the same hygiene tips apply as in a slight reddening.

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