prepare children properly on a baby

Is it possible to distribute parental love several children? Sure, of course! You know that - but also understands your firstborn so easy? Read here how you prepare your child optimally to a sibling.

Not all children want a sister or a brother. They react in the worst case rejection and jealousy of the birth of a sibling. A good preparation for the impending addition to the family helps your firstborn to get through this stage of life well.

Not too early to tell from pregnancy

Children feel exactly that something "in the air". However you should not tell too soon from the baby, because young children do not have the sense of time and can be made quickly anticipation impatience. The younger your firstborn is, the rounder your belly should be when you're doing manifested the message. This makes the pregnancy much more comprehensible and imaginable. Stay realistic in your conversations. not describe the baby as a new, great playmates, rather than what it is: a small creature that needs a lot of attention and sometimes screams.

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Preparing the child to sibling: So you tell it your child best

Reports quiet, what happens to mom's belly and as the baby grows. How much do you explain depends mainly on the questions of your child and what it already understands. Savings in doubt with details. You could trigger anxiety about the mom and the new earth citizens before the arrival of the culprits and foe. Do the same reason not a big fuss about your situation - at least not in the presence of your child. Because your symptoms can with him only one conclusion: the baby's fault.

You mind find all children exciting: listen to the baby belly, touch it, feel the little kicks. be close to the action has a positive effect on the subsequent contact. Search photos of your first pregnancy and snapshots of your firstborn. all have then been looking forward to the birth narrative of wonderful memories and how much. From nursery school make picture books that deal with the issue, by the way of good service. They describe the situation for children simple and understandable at any age.

make joint preparations

Strengthen the self-esteem of the child's siblings. Show him how important it is, in which you there. In the planning einbeziehst For example, when selecting blanket or teddy bear. Search let your child in his old toys to something suitable for the baby. Side effect: daughter or son learn incidentally dispensing and separate even easier later of things.

Many parents put in childbirth preparation successfully on the support of a baby doll that were fed in a playful ownership, wrapped and may be mothered. After birth, the child can play with the doll while you too are busy with the baby.

share tasks

If you as a parent taking care of rituals and cherished habits do not already tells you - for example, reading a bedtime story - it is now time for it. The sooner your child knows that it can rely on dad's attention, the better. And for a future Fourth, it can only be beneficial if the kids are fixed not only to the mother. Increase also the circle of caregivers Intensify the contacts with grandma and grandpa, a dear neighbor or friend. the older child feels in a different environment well, is a separate problem-if you have unplanned for women or pediatrician. Also with regard to the birth, it is reassuring to know the next generation in good hands, it should go surprisingly quickly to the hospital.

The baby is here

So beautiful You have not the situation in the head perhaps imagined: I received your child in the hospital is not with the baby in her arms. Your hands should be free for a loving embrace! The new sibling can then be assessed quite naturally in his crib. Take comments ( "The baby I got me but very different presented") with humor. Never be disappointed if the enthusiasm is at the first meeting within limits. Curiosity and interest wake up later than at home by themselves. On the other hand, joy and zest for action should not be slowed down. be allowed if your child extremely, touch the newborn already in the hospital the desire and hold: Let it be, as far as possible. Your child must take responsibility, I dare something to him - that makes it immensely proud at that moment.

Babies are richly usually. And the many presents can be the perfect breeding ground for the first big tears. Fulfill your child about a wish. Please, think also grandparents and want to buy something other well-wishers, to both children. The size of the gift is insignificant. Purpose should be rather that newborn and sibling get the same attention.

Let your child actively participate in the daily life

If you're busy with the baby: Explain your child what you are doing and why. This helps to build understanding. Tell your older child well, which is compared with its own baby time differently. Depending on how old it is, it may help. When giving bottles, bathing or applying lotion. A nursery song to sing? With pleasure. Something to read from the textbook? Great idea. Support your child necessarily, if it wants to do the baby good. Vapors but carefully his expectations and make lovely clear to him that it will take quite a while, until a baby become a real playmate.

Discuss as parents view the division of responsibilities in child care and support. The more your you in stressful situations - and there will be many - can rely on each other, the better for everyone.

allow extra time for sibling

Plane aware of extra time for your first-born. Younger children often enough to be happy one hour or cuddle a common favorite game for. Older children should be allowed to decide for yourself about the design. It is one matter first, whether mom or dad come to the playground or to the movies with the swimming pool. The main thing undivided attention, which is not disturbed by a baby's cry. Conversely, it is equally important that the older children learn how to be employed over a period of time alone. This capability supports the way in the long term, the achievements consideration and waiver. And no later than the win in kindergarten important.

Dealing with jealousy

First of all: Aggressive behavior towards the newborn occurs much less frequently than many parents might worry about. but do not do it as a child's curiosity from when the or the Elder tweak the baby - with the motto: Let's see what happens? Explain calmly that this hurts; that this must not make. Set clear boundaries. When in doubt, it is better not alone to let the siblings together. Sometimes jealousy is also expressed in the form that your child falls back into baby-like behaviors to get attention. Schmunzel over and give in to pressure for this particular type of attention. The success will come by itself one, because most children do without experience shows very quickly back on pacifier or bottle of milk. be greater makes the bottom line but more fun!

Nobody is perfect

Whether during pregnancy or after birth: Sit down as a parent - and especially as a mother - not under pressure. The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment if it does not work optimally. You remember from the first pregnancy: All need time to get used to each other. Time, you should also give your first-born now. Love and care for sibling then come all by itself.

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