Pure relaxation in Baby Yoga

What are the mother and child in baby yoga? What brings such a course you and your child and where can you make it? Here you get all the information on the subject of baby yoga.

What is baby yoga?

Yoga originated in India. The idea is to unite body and spirit through regular yoga application. In yoga, it is important that energy is made to flow in the body with certain postures and breathing exercises.

The idea of ​​baby yoga is derived from the English anthropologist and yoga teacher Francoise Barbira Freedman. They explored how to deal with babies in non-European cultures. They met at yoga on the positive impact in dealing with babies. For them, it was found that the sensitivity of parents could be improved to their children through yoga. then you fit the classic yoga to the needs of pregnant women and young mothers with their babies and so developed the Baby Yoga, which is now taught in the courses.

Display Great toy for the senses

Baby playing with baby coachWith these toys you can stimulate the senses of your baby.
The O-Ball is suitable for the first gripping experiments. much to discover there are at the game coach enchanted forest and dhe musical Softwürfel stimulates the perception and crawling delight your baby.

What happens when baby yoga?

A baby yoga class combines gentle yoga exercises for you as a mother with a relaxing massage for your baby. Primarily, it is important that you and your child find peace and relaxation. Through various yoga techniques its energy and balance for everyday life can refuel.

For you exercises to strengthen your neck, shoulders and back are deliberately planned, as these areas are particularly stressed in young mothers. Your child lies in the romper on the rug, is involved playful and with your help light stretching exercises. Foremost among these are simple touches and the associated body experiences. Therefore, most baby yoga classes consist of a combination of baby massage and stretching exercises for mother and child.

Why make a baby yoga class?

For you and a baby, the course offers the following positive aspects:

  • Flexibility, strength, rhythm and body awareness your baby be promoted.
  • The fresh parent-child relationship between you and your baby will be intensified and strengthened.
  • Your baby is more balanced. It sleeps soundly and is generally more relaxed.
  • strengthening exercises and tone your body and help you to strengthen your pelvic floor and relieve tension after pregnancy.
  • You will learn the correct holding and carrying your baby, to promote sensory development.
  • You get strength and fitness, and thus increase their joy to your own body.

When and where to make a baby yoga class?

  • Suitable for: For babies in their first year. You can start as early as the sixth week of life. It depends on the birth and postpartum course.
  • Time: A course usually consists of eight to ten meetings. An appointment takes between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Providers: Midwives practices, hospitals, schools of yoga or aerobics studios offer baby yoga classes. Inform yourself easily in your city at these places if they have appropriate offers for you.
  • Costs: Prices for baby yoga classes are very different. They range from 45 to 180 euros depending on who is offering these courses.

similar offers

Baby Yoga is just one of several offers under the baby courses. Many institutions have other courses on the program, which are similar, and comparable objectives have as the baby yoga classes. These include baby massage and baby Shiatsu. Inform yourself to just one in your area.

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