Raclette cheese in pregnancy: yes or no?

Gynecologists advise pregnant women to refrain from raw milk cheese, because in the not boiled milk lurk dangerous germs. Is also raclette cheese during pregnancy on the ban list?

If you are pregnant, you do not give up a cozy Raclette evening. A few little tips you should still heed a precaution in raclette cheese in pregnancy:

  • Look at the package carefully. Raclette cheese, though made primarily of raw milk, but there are also varieties made from pasteurized milk. If the cheese is a raw milk cheese, this must be declared on the packaging. To these varieties you should rather then make a bow.
  • Whether raw or not: It is always advisable to cut off the rind, because here for germs to settle particularly fond of.
  • You are invited to raclette and cheese which is used not sure? Let's just sizzle your pan a little longer. Once the cheese is thoroughly cooked, it is safe in any case.
  • Griffin prefer to packaged goods than with raclette cheese from the cheese counter open. There you are reliant on the information provided by the seller which milk used for the cheese. Moreover, it is cheese, which is open to, among other varieties, often sterile charged as clean-wrapped slices.

Raw milk during pregnancy - where is the danger?

The milk we buy in the supermarket (both UHT milk, and fresh milk) is heat treated in general and largely free of germs. When raw milk is different: She comes straight from the cow to the bottle and is only cooled. In it, pathogens may reside as listeria, which are harmless to healthy people, can harm an unborn baby, however.
Infection with Listeria (listeriosis) can occur when the unborn cause brain and meningitis, leading to mental and physical disabilities. If the infection in the last trimester of pregnancy, Listeria often trigger a premature or stillbirth.

A listeria infection itself is usually not noticed by the pregnant woman. Only when recording a high number of pathogens sometimes occur fever or diarrhea. A vaccination against the dangerous germ does not exist.
Prevention is the best defense against listeria and that means above all: By cooking food and pasteurize milk. Just two minutes at about 60 degrees to kill listeria successfully.

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