Rash under the breasts: Causes and Treatment

The skin itches and can not come to rest you: So you treat bothersome rash under the breasts!

The female breast tends to yield to the force of gravity. The skin under the breast ekes in most women in the shadows, sealed off from air and burdened by rubber bands and metal straps of the bra. No wonder that in this zone often makes rash wide. There are numerous reasons for red, itchy pimples. Here are the usual causes:

  • yeast
  • eczema
  • Vitamin B deficiency


Candida albicans, the cause of yeast infections of the skin, is widely used. Humidity, and lack of air supply favoring the propagation of yeast fungi. Under the bust these invisible fungi find an ideal habitat.


The word Eczema is a collective term that refers to any pathological lesion. A rash under the breasts can be caused by braiding or allergies, as well as by Dreitagefieber or shingles. Important: If symptoms persist, you should seek medical attention, preferably a dermatologist.

Vitamin B deficiency:

This cause of a rash under the breasts is little known, but can lead to chronic rash. If no treatment bears fruit, you should appeal to your doctor. Especially a lack of vitamin B2 can manifest itself in a rash.

Before going to the doctor: First aid for rash

If you plaguing rash under the breasts, you should get rid of your bra you first. A metal bracket or contaminated by fungi rubber band can aggravate the rash. Before going to the doctor you can try to get you in the following ways relief:


A slight wound cream soothes the skin. Some women swear by Nivea cream. If a wound cream does not help, try a nonprescription cream of mushroom. After application, it is advisable to avoid the usual skin-to-skin contact under the breast with a light gauze bandage.

Keep dry:

Fungi and bacteria love moisture. A gauze bandage over the cream absorbs moisture. If you go to work and can not do without the bra, you should wear a thin cotton undershirt under the bra. Also, silk is recommended for this purpose: Natural fabric absorbs sweat and directs it away from the skin.

Other home remedies:

Powder acts like stroking the skin and contains zinc particles that heal and keep the skin dry. Cold compresses relieve itching. Six drops of tea tree oil to four teaspoons olive oil, applied with a cotton ball, cure inflammation of all kinds and fungal infections.

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