Really give the vial

If your baby gets the vial, then there are some things to consider here. How should be the best Your baby what you look for when holding the bottle and how you can feed your baby correctly, you will learn in this article.

The final preparations before the vial Type

After you have prepared the bottle for your baby, it can actually go with the bottle giving. However, before you give your baby the bottle, it is very important that you once again the milk temperature überprüfst so that your baby while drinking will not support combustion. The ideal drinking temperature is about 37 ° C. Let drop for testing a few drops of milk from the bottle onto the inside of your wrist. There, your skin is particularly sensitive, and you can judge the temperature well. If you are feeling hot milk to be pleasant, it is easy to drink usually also for your baby.

Also check again whether you have the proper hole size have chosen for the food you want to feed your baby. If the hole is too large, the milk comes too easily from the vial and your baby could choke. With too little hole meal for your baby could be frustrating as too little milk comes from the vial and the efforts of your child are not sufficiently rewarded. You can see that you have selected the correct hole size when you turn around the bottle and about one to two drops per second from the suckers fall.

Do not forget burp cloth

Think about ready before feeding a burp cloth. You can with this not only remove milk from the face your baby running out of his mouth while drinking. It is you and then serve well when burping.

For AnzeigeDas appropriate vial

Two vials of MAMEvery mother prefers a different type of vials. For mothers who like simplicity, we recommend Bottles Philips Avent. The Bottle of MAM delight with beautiful design. The NUK glass bottle You can be engraved with the name of the child.

Make yourself comfortable

Feeding should not only help to ensure that your baby is sick, but also provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your child. Handle the vial Give therefore not simply from but take out enough time to. Make also sure you are that you and your child have it comfortable and relaxed. Sit in a comfortable place and teach you so that you can stand there for a while there. It could well be, namely that your baby falls asleep briefly during feeding, because it is so relaxed. Therefore, when feeding a little patience is always in demand.

Put your baby in your arms. The head should be doing in your armpit and located approximately at the level of your own breast. This slight angle ensures that the head is slightly increased compared to the rest of the body. This makes drinking your child because it can better swallowing. Think about the best a pillow under his arm, with which you hold your baby so that it does not hurt with time.

So that your baby can feel particularly comfortable, you should do not wear long-sleeved clothes scratchy materials, as these could irritate the delicate skin on your face your baby. As much skin contact ensures that your baby feels more secure. If it is warm enough, you can therefore best to wear a T-shirt or sometimes topless feeding. It can also perceive the smell of your skin better your baby, which it will then link with the positive experience of feeding. also holding eye contact while you are giving the bottle to your child, to give him security and to signal to him that you give to it eight.

give the vial

Put your baby the nipple not just in the mouth. Pranks initially with the sucker cheek your baby facing your own body. Thus, in your child rooting reflex triggered the would normally require it to find the mother's breast. Because you can also tell if your baby is really hungry, as the rooting reflex is triggered only if that is the case.

then touch gently baby's lips with the nipple. This is another early childhood reflex sucking reflex, triggered. Your baby is at the touch of sharp lips and trying to suck the nipple. now slowly forward to encourage sliding the bottle on your baby to open his mouth wide. Pay attention to the fact that the tongue is under the nipple. Lips your baby should the wide part of the nipple, very close to the locking ring, enclosing while drinking. So, are favoring the natural movements of the jaw and tongue, as they would occur during breastfeeding.

swallow air

Holding the bottle during feeding always so upright, that is the complete sucker filled with milk. So you can prevent your baby swallows a lot of air, which could cause stomach ache or bloating later.

Problems while drinking

While your baby drinks, it can sometimes be minor problems. If your baby swallows, you should take immediately the bottle. Teach your baby if necessary briefly to enable it to cough up the milk swallowed wrong better. If it has calmed down, you can continue with the feeding.

Sometimes your baby sucks so much that one in bottles and teats negative pressure arises. The result is that only very little milk comes from the vacuum cleaner and your baby will need to work very hard while drinking. So if you notice that the nipple flattens, you should pull this just out of the mouth so that the vacuum can resolve. If your baby still sucking strongly, it may be necessary that you push your little finger lightly in the mouth of your child to solve the resulting vacuum and "liberate" the vial. Because if your baby can not fully enclose with their lips the sucker, this is no longer closed to the outside and it can penetrate air.

If you notice that your baby is a bit much, but no vacuum exists when drinking, which may be partly because that the Suction hole too small for the selected food is. This you should, however, have analyzed by the drop test before feeding. Another reason could be that the suction hole clogged is. Swap the sucker in this case immediately with a new one in order to avoid frustration arises when your baby because his efforts are not effective.

The vial, type exit right

If your baby out signals that it wants nothing to drink, by example, turning away his head, or if the vial is empty, that's not the end of the "bottle giving". While Drinking Your baby not only milk, but also air swallowed. This is sometimes more, sometimes less, but no matter how much, this air must now back out from the small stomach so your child gets no abdominal pain or bloating.

Take your baby to upright on the arm. Conveniently, the attitude in which you put your child on your upper body, while it looks over your shoulder. Think about the best a burp cloth over your shoulder, because when burping probably a little milk will exit with. To protect your clothing is a burp cloth advisable. Pranks your baby lightly over the back and knock gently to help him with his burp. By the light slaps the air can rise more easily. The meal is only really complete when your baby has opened one or two times.

But what if your baby falls asleep during feeding? You shall raise it again, so it can make its burp? Then there is unfortunately no general answer. You can create your sleeping shoulder and wait to see if some air escapes your baby after feeding for a short time. If that is not the case and your baby sleeps well without regurgitation, then it is not really necessary, it specially again wake. If your baby without burp but regularly restless sleep and soon wakes up, because the belly tweaks, it is advisable to think about to wake your baby after bottle Enter short so it can sleep undisturbed afterwards.

discard remaining milk

If your baby has not completely emptied the bottle during the meal, it is important that you entsorgst the remaining milk immediately. On one feeding at a later date or even later mixing with fresh milk, you should refrain necessarily because form in prepared milk quickly germs and bacteria that could result in a child your to an infection of the gastrointestinal tract.

How do you best are cleaning the bottle after feeding, you can find out in our article "Cleaning bottle right."

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